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Week one of a 31 week short story challenge.

Time seems to bend when you least expect it. This is a short story about a girl experiencing a eerie time loop.

Submitted: August 16, 2016

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Submitted: August 16, 2016



The sound of her morning alarm assaulted her senses, jolting up from her deep sleep, she scrambled for her phone, eyes still foggy with sleep, knocking onto the floor along with the cup of water she kept by her bed. “Shit!!” she exclaimed “Why… me? Ughh. Well fantastic start to my day!”. Picking up the glass that managed to not break, yet her phone was another story, ruined beyond repair. “At least I have a hard copy of my calendar.” she mumbled, stumbling over to the calendar, the only thing hanging on any of her walls. She ran her finger across the third week in December landing on the twenty second, a Thursday. “Almost 2051 already? Where did this year runoff to?” ,she sighed “Well what’s the plan today huh? Meeting Robbie at the cafe at 8am, class at 11am, and finally groceries… Wait what time is it?”. She swung her head around so fast almost causing whiplash, looking at her digital clock on her desk, “SEVEN FIFTY FIVE??? SHIT!”. She screamed running to her wardrobe.

She got dressed faster than ever before, “What is wrong with me today? I better hurry, at least the cafe is close, five minute run at most? Either way Robbie can’t call me since my phone is trashed and… wait why am I talking to myself?” and with that she shook her head at herself in the mirror quickly taking in how she looked, she had not had time to brush her hair, it was way to long and it would take too much time so she shoved it up into a ponytail. At least she managed to put her clothing on the right way out, dark green jeans and a tan oversized sweater hung on her thin frame. “Acceptable I guess.” she mumbled while bolting out the door making sure to grab her keys and bag. Then began her run to the cafe, she did not bother with her surroundings, all that was on her mind was getting to where she had to be, that was until… A snow white butterfly latched onto her leg. “What the? It’s December… I thought they fixed that global warming thing in the thirties.”. At that moment she stopped to see what was around her.

She saw white snow everywhere and I mean everywhere. The streets were covered and no sign of street sweepers and for that matter there were no people. She continued on her way to the cafe but this time at a slow walk, being more weary of what was around her. “This is supposed to be the busiest city in Korea, where is everyone?” shortly after a bit more walking she arrived at the cafe. Looking inside she saw nothing not even a soul inside. She rushed over to the nearby phone booth to call Robbie, she touched the call button there was no dial tone, just silence. “What the fuck is going on here?”. She there for what seemed like an hour. “What the hell do I do? There's no one”. She sulked out of the phone booth and slowly made her way back home, what else could she do? She was alone, for all she knew she was alone in the world. Her thoughts drifted to everyone she knew, every face she had seen in the past few weeks. “They are gone, just gone, what do I do?”.

She eventually made it back to her apartment building but instead of going inside she decided to sit on the bench in the back of her building. Wiping off the snow build that gathered on the bench, she sat for what she thought were minutes until she realized the moon was in her view. She was not cold nor could she feel anything until that butterfly from before landed on the bare skin of her hand. It glowed with a soft yellow light that got brighter and brighter until it engulfed her into it. Then there she was in her bed.

Eyes wide open and her alarm blaring from her bedside table. She reached for it and remembered the water glass falling but this time she remembered it differently. Her phone malfunctioned as she picked it up from the water puddle on her floor, she remembered pain and a blinding light. This time she moved the glass away before picking up her phone and turning of her alarm. Her phone read 7:15am, she then got up, got ready as before and bolted out the door. The streets were busy with morning traffic, snow was cleared off the streets and the smell of morning cooking filled the air. No more butterflies, no more emptiness. She approached the cafe and saw her friend Robbie sipping his coffee and flipping through his book. She sighed in relief but felt she should check one more thing. She hurried to the Phone booth and hit the call button “Please enter the number in which you intend to reach” the phone uttered. Leaning against the glass of the booth she sighed for the last time as well as a smile of relief, the next thing she heard was a buss horn then silence again… Nothing but silence.



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