Stories with Sam and Max: The cake

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Sam and Max are brothers and best friends. Every week Grandpa comes over and tells the boys a story of when he was young. From he and his older brother Randell baking a mischievous cake, to Their little sisters Beth and Annabelle getting revenge, these stories are funny and entertaining. .

Submitted: August 16, 2016

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Submitted: August 16, 2016



"SAM AND MAX!" Mom called them. "Coming!" Sam and Max answered in unison.  "Grandpas here!" Max looked at Sam. Sam looked at Max. They both got up and raced to the backyard door where they passed mom.  "Take your shoes off on the mat!" Max groaned as they ran back to the mat and pulled off their muddy tennis shoes. Then they ran to the recliner that Grandpa was sitting in. "Grandpa!" They hugged him, and Grandpa hugged them back. "Tell us a story!" Grandpa just grinned and leaned back in his chair. "Well, when i was a boy... Max and Sam sat down at his feet on the floor. I was a mischievous boy. And i remember one time me and my brother Randaall  or as you know him, Uncle Randy. The boys nodded silently.  We knew our little sister Beth's Birthday was next week.  So we decided to make her a cake to be nice. But as the days went on and Beth's birthday came sooner, we became hungry for mischief. We planned the cake, but we knew our mischief hunger was getting stronger. So one afternoon, Randall suggested making this cake a little bit different, and what he meant by different was awful. And I stupidly agreed. and on the day before Beth's birthday, we set to work, making this cake the worst we could. Randall found worms, salt, and tree bark. I found vinegar, pond water, and asparagus. We pulled out Mother's recipe book and found a cake recipe. we set to work, chopping tree bark, measuring pond water, and dipping worms in vinegar. on the morning of Beth's birthday, Mother pulled out our cake. we had added salty frosting with 'Pretty' asparagus toppings. Beth did the honors of cutting the cake, and two our relief, didn't notice any 'interesting' ingredients. After all, she had only just turned six. Me and Randall tried to hide our smiles as Father, Mother, Beth, and three year old Annabelle took their first bites of our cake. And than it happened. Mother immediately spit it out and drank all her water. Father angrily choked and gagged on the nasty food. Beth screamed and Annabelle started crying. Me and Randall laughed like hyenas. Once Father swallowed the cake, he angrily shouted," Henry and Randall, outside NOW!!!" I remember he belted us good that day, and Beth was mad for ages. But me and Randall still get a good kick out of it today." Sam and Max laughed and laughed at the thought of Grandpa and Uncle Randy  doing such a evil thing to Aunt Beth. 

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