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Submitted: August 16, 2016

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Submitted: August 16, 2016




Stream takes possession of the land
Made wetlands
There are plenty of fish
Meet your protein needs

Clouds are playing in the sky
The dark and the shadows are dissolved in water
You drink
To quench thirst

Yet you have an existence
With a Continuous form
He who cast the shadow on the ground
Where love and hope locked in a home
Binds within a loop with Only a God

Words which are uttered
Of course diluted within air
Has written in the book of divine
Many do not understand while they read

See a beautiful garden
They are more steadfast
And that Red Rose is for yours
I have seen a lot of values to be gloomy
Then they lost

I have seen so far
Wandering Star to Star
Again in the Fog, tried to recognize
She lost!

Ah! How come all!
Alas! How Everything lost in the time
From Empty
Or Nothing
As if an Existence of Non-Existence!

When Silence come down
Dark touches the death role
Nothing Exist without the Spiritual Soul
From Lost to Found
Everything Answering Nothing!

But where is the balance
You will get back everything
One day!

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