The Beautiful Liar

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I'm not sure what caused me to write this poem, the lines just popped into my head and I wrote! I hope you enjoy this and will check out some of my other works! Have a great day! :)

Submitted: August 16, 2016

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Submitted: August 16, 2016



You see her as ‘the one’, the love of your life.

Your heart flutters each time you speak her name.

She seems so perfect.

She seems so kind.

You talked, you laughed, you lived.

She was yours.


But she wasn’t.

There was one before you.

He was always there for her when where were you?

Standing in the shadows wanting the words “Do you want to dance?” escape your lips.

As you watch them dancing.


It seems everywhere you look you are reminded of her.

She doesn’t listen when you call her name.

She turns away when you look at her.

She always lets the phone ring whenever you try calling.



She is a beautiful liar.

You know you want to be her’s, but it just can’t be.

She torments your soul as you cry yourself to sleep.

You are drug through a living hell each time you see her and her boyfriend laughing in the hall.

Your heart shatters as the words “In a relationship” appear on her Facebook.

All seems hopeless.

But it isn’t.

I have tread the path you follow many times over.

It is a rocky mountain to climb.

But at the peak is a beautiful view.

Don’t let the beautiful liar cause you to trip and fall.

Get up!

Get up!

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