Sadness Burns

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The difference between sad and happy is like fire and ice

Submitted: August 16, 2016

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Submitted: August 16, 2016



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Sadness burns

Tears sting your eyes

And the more you try to wipe them away

The more it hurts

Your tongue cringes when it tastes the bitterness of pain

And your heart breaks when you realize you're only tasting your ow creation

Your fists clench

Your nails leave tiny half-moons in your palms

Your arms

Anywhere you can grab

To keep from losing yourself in the agony

You try to breathe

But your teeth are biting your lip, holding it closed

And your nose only brings in darkness

Filling your lungs with nothing but that same burning feeling

Your blood rushes from your pounding heart to your ears

Blocking out everything but that nagging, screaming, hurtful voice of truth

What have you done

How could you do this

You monster

Yes, sadness burns

But happiness is a waterfall

A new roar in your ears

Washing away that awful voice

And replacing it with a new one

Three beautiful words, simple and clear

I love you

Your lungs open up again

Finally pulling in the sweet air of forgiveness from your nose

You let go of yourself 

And lose yourself in joy's embrace

In his embrace

You let yourself relax again

Letting the waterfall wash away all the bitterness

And replacing it with the refreshing taste of peace

The tears are swept away

Leaving your eyes open and bright

To see the smile on his lips

The love in his yes

The future spread out in front of you

Both of you

Sadness may burn

It will tear at your heart

Set fire to your lungs

Singe your hair

Boil your blood

It will burn you to the ground

But the fire dies

And the waterfall will take its place

Washing away your sins

Your pains

Your burns

And it will leave you with nothing but that blissful, peaceful, cooling wave

Of that feeling you've longed for...


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