The Cliché of to Have Loved and Lost

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Submitted: August 16, 2016

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Submitted: August 16, 2016



The Cliché of To Have Loved and Lost


There was a time I knew an irregular feeling,

A sentiment I came to know so personally and so intensely

It became very much a part of my living being, mind, and soul.

It became a part of my functioning cognizance and influenced directly how I regarded the world.

It made the unusual commonplace,

And the cliché extraordinary.

I speak of course of love.

And I speak of a time long gone from me.

I once attained the closest to perfection one could attain,

Perfection of course never truly graspable even with love’s vice grip,

And I basked in sunshine in an unabashed way like I had never done before.

But every day that has a dawn must too have a dusk, every sun must set,

And every life we live, and we live many throughout our natural existence, at some point must perish.

And I died brutally, painfully, and in the most gruesome of ways,

When my heart, still beating, was removed from my body with no attempt at precision

And with all the force of some violent hyperbolic metaphor.

I found myself alone one night,

Sitting on the front porch of a life gone by,

All alone and far removed from who I had been just a day before when my heart beat red.

I stared at a photo, like a distant memory in my hand, so fragile and not completely accurate

To its real life counterpart - a moment (a life) gone by.

And the words came to mind, that old cliché, that horrible piece of consolidation

That does little than irritate and annoy,

“Tis better to have loved and lost”

And to know that sought after emotion is certainly better, but as the saying continues,

“Then to have never loved at all.”

I pondered this for another lifetime,

A life spawned from having known what came before,

And I had nothing but to wish I had never known of this time before,

So the present I lived in would never had come to fruition.

I would have rather never lost.



And in that moment

I saw all that we were

All that we are

And all that we would never be.


© Copyright 2018 Farren N. Keys. All rights reserved.

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