There Was A Storm Last Night

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Submitted: August 16, 2016

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Submitted: August 16, 2016



There Was A Storm Last Night

There was a storm last night,

A blizzard that buried the minutiae of our lives,

And temporarily, although who would know,

Left us still in our frozen over tracks.

I spent a day in sheltered walls by the burning hearth

With hands clasped together and my eyes on the nearby glass.

It was the peculiar shine off the white sheets outside that drew me from my safety.

I stepped out of the insulation and in to the downtrodden air,

Cold and dead after its battering in the night,

And filled my lungs with stillness.

The landscape glistened in the sun, full of brilliance and beauty,

And my heart sunk.

The hillsides radiated light,

The streams trickled beneath a still surface,

And the sky was the clearest of blues.

In the midst of it all there I was, sitting alone,

Watching my breath as it filled my view with an uneven haze.

I stood, I stood for so long.

I stood as long as my drying skin could stand to stand.

The sun faded away and the moon took on its nightly duty.

And the view around my consciousness began to glow with a certain ambience

Of a subtle paleness.

The day next the sun would rise again and the whiteness began to fade.

The brilliance and beauty melted away.

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