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Submitted: August 16, 2016

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Submitted: August 16, 2016



I was flicking
football cards
with Jim,
when I saw Enid
going towards the slope
from the Square.

Be back
in a while Jim,
I said,
and walked over
to where Enid was.

She stopped
when she saw me.

What happened
to you yesterday?
I waited but you
never showed,
is your old man up
to his old ways again?

She looked back
over her shoulder
towards the flats behind.

He's sort of all right,
but he was
very moody yesterday
and Mum thought it best
I stayed in
and not go out
in case, but he
was all right
and never hit us
or anything,
but I did miss
not going with you
to the market,
she said.

I missed you,
but I got the fish tank
for the goldfish,
and it's ok,
I said.

She looked at me
and she had no
visible bruises or cuts
so I thought she
must be all right.

Are you allowed
out today?
I said.

Not sure,
I am just going
to the shop for Mum,
but I don't want
to push it while
he's in a mood,
she said,
where are you going?

Not sure yet
just playing cards
with Jim, but maybe
later if you come
around I'll see
where we can go,
I said.

She nodded,
but I thought
I detected her
old fears arising
so didn't push it.

Best get to the shop,
she said,
or Dad might
wonder where
I have got to.

Isn't he going
to work today?
I said.

No he's off
for the day,
he said we might
go somewhere,
she said.

She hesitated,
then walked on
down the slope.

I watched her go
until she went in
the shop across
Rockingham Street.

I sighed,
then went back to Jim
and the card flicking game,
but my thoughts
were on Enid,
and the game
wasn't the same.

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