Light of Darkness

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
What happens when the unknown takes grip of the mind?
Where is the line between reality and the things beyond?
Are we but victims of our subconscience?

Submitted: August 17, 2016

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Submitted: August 17, 2016



Disconnected and out of touch, as if something important and vital is missing. I can´t pin down what made me so devoid of compassion, maybe I felt too strong? So I had to develop a way to keep my bearings and not cave in. Or I simply lack the ability to harness true emotions.

Regardless of the reason, the result stays the same. I simply function and live my life, go to work, eat, sleep and engage in meaningless conversations just to stay in line. And as the years went by I grew bitter, cynical and resentful. Nothing but a cold rational, bio machine swaying through the life until the engines shut down and I succumb to the unavoidable end we all face.

I always loathed the people who indulge in all these useless rituals and conformities. Celebrating their meaningless lives with hollow words and deeds, yet at the same time envied them for their simplicity. As if nothing is to question or Fathom.

 In the fray of the mundane and banal I simply delved further and further into the stream of life. No matter what I did this abandoned and empty feeling was tearing me inside.

I was spiralling down into obscurity and felt my sanity slip away; at first I thought it was just a lack of sleep but with each passing day it became more evident.

Voices were echoing everywhere I went, shadows lurking and twisting in the corner of my eye, faces seemed twisted and disfigured. It didn't take long until I started to completely deprive myself of any external stimuli.  

But the most disturbing fact was that I still felt clear, my thoughts and ideas were forming like structures in front of my inner eye, But these voices what do they mean? I tried to focus on them, make out what they tried to say. But as soon as I heard them clearer something inside me was shutting them down, as if some sort of mechanism tried to deny me the truth.

Shadows seemed to materialize in absence of my awareness, strafing by and mocking me. Every time I tried to fix my eyes on them, they vanished into thin air. They must be fragments of my mind, nothing but a mirage of a fear ridden soul afraid of the unknown.

Yet I feel calm and centred and these voices, still emerging from the depths of my inner core, getting louder by the minute like a train rushing by. Like white noise carving its nerve twisting noise into the caverns of my brain.

After days and days of ill ridden sleep and solar deprivation my body falters. Distilled water is the only thing my stomach can keep inside, every attempt of eating results in imminent reflux; everything disgusts me no matter the taste or consistency. As if my whole being rejects everything that once was alive.

My muscles degrading slowly and my skin is turning Grey. And these voices what do they want? Why won´t they seize and leave me be.

My hair is falling out and so are my nails. What is happening to me? My nights are filled with terror while lucid hands tear on my wilted flesh. Fiery eyes stare right into my soul. An unsettling demonic face appears, fiendishly grinning, in the corner of my room. Motionless it sits there haunting me, its burning glare stares right into my soul.

Day or Night it´s hard to tell, I dared a look in the mirror as blood drenched eyes stared back at me, pale, broken skin. A grotesque figure is what I have become, not even the mere shade of what I once was. Still these Voices; hissing, whispering frantically, I try to scream from the top of my lungs in hopes that they stop but no sound escapes my pipes, nothing, not even the slightest noise only drops of blood. For how long have I been inside this room?

Time has lost its meaning night, day, weeks, month nothing but a frail concept of yesteryears. These voices! Nothing shuts them; nothing eases the deafening soundlessness of their words.

My arms are too weak to move, I tried to throw a glass at the abominable face that´s constantly staring at me; grinning like it knows the truth behind this unholy ordeal, I feel fingers crawling under my skin as if they were trying to rip me open and lay bare the canals that hold my life´s force.

Figures prancing like devilish spectres waiting to prey on my very soul while this godless face floats motionless in the corner.

I can't take it no more. I break a glass with the last of my might, take a shard and gouge out my eyes; I feel my conscience slipping away but the relief of not seeing this unholy grimace any longer dampens the Pain. I attend to the wounds before I fade, I take a lit candle at my bedside to cauterize my eye sockets, and faint from the Pain.

I rested for a while but am brought back by the hissing of the voices, too many to count. They seem to have gotten louder, unbearable like a storm rushing through my ears, why won’t they release me from their hellish scheme?

I still feel the presence of the Face and it´s piercing glare no matter where I turn to. Tumbling through the room, I hear entities passing by pulling at my clothes, tossing my weak shell about and taunting my new found blindness, unable to avoid their malevolent demeanor.

 My legs are failing me every now and then but I manage to head to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of water, getting it down hurts.

As I tried to stand up I feel a hand pinning my head down to the table with so much force that my skin starts to break, I tried to reach for it and free myself but there´s nothing but thin air, still it pushes my head unto the table with such pressure that my skull feels like it would crack open.

 I give up fighting just want all this to end. Too weak to resist I gave in to death. All life is drained from me by forces far beyond evil. I am fading as I hear my skull crack. My Heartbeat flattens as blood fills my lungs, my limbs turn cold. I finally fade……



Disconnected and out of touch, as if something important and vital is missing…………………………

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