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Submitted: August 17, 2016

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Submitted: August 17, 2016



I have a nice life

A loving family

A good friend

A big house

A great advanture


But, i feel empty


I should be greatful 

I should be happy

I should be peace

I should be lot of laugh


But, i feel empty


There's hole inside my heart

There's something missing

I felt down every night

I felt empty


Whether is my fault not greatful of the gift of my life

Whether is every single person felt this

Whether is wrong to felt empty instead of feel happy with every single happiness that i got

Because i can't lie to my self of what i feel,



I though i found something

I though i just found someone

To cover it the emptiness

No, i don't think so


You come

You go

I broke down more than empty

Is not fix anything


I think, my adventure still far until i reach the feeling of satisfaction

I'm not gonna ruin my happiness because i just felt empty

Because empty is step

I know for soon i have story to tell

That i found something more powerful than a perfect someone to come





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