shattered glass

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Submitted: August 17, 2016

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Submitted: August 17, 2016



“You are a complete idiot - a fool!” It is just the start of another of His hostile tirades.

“I detest people like you, understand? I absolutely despise you-” A thin, bony finger digs into my stomach, “-bastard!”

I am shutting down now… and He is opening up. A vicious string of words fly out, slapping my face; jabbing my chest; knocking me down and kicking me into the ground. In my fever I hear Him: I feel the impact of every syllable streaming from His mouth.

Nothing will hold back this surge. I am swept away - down the black and boiling river - battered by hate; choked by despair; engulfed by sadness. Even though the run ahead is blurred, I push through the fog covering my mind - I know this must cease.

A clenched hand rises up and crashes into the mirror, glittering shards reflecting His distorted image spiral downwards.

“I won’t believe your hateful lies anymore - they will not rule me!” With head tilted low, I yell at His scattered remains.

Yet… when I face forward again, the glass is intact - my palm rests flat upon its shimmering surface.

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