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This is a personal story about my life that I wrote for the person it is about. I hope you enjoy it!

Submitted: August 17, 2016

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Submitted: August 17, 2016



Do you remember the night that we met? I was working my third night in a row at a job I could no longer stand, praying my ship date was sometime soon. You walked in with your dirty blonde hair combed to perfection, dressed like the professional businessman you are. You approached the counter and ordered what I later found out was a Bacon Turkey Bravo, but I was too distracted by your smile to even care what you ate. The moment I talked to you I knew you were different. An instant connection that happens few times in a lifetime, but I let it go. You were just another customer catching a late night meal, and I was being ridiculous. Then you came up a second time, this time requesting a caramel latte. My little heart panicked for a second and then again calmed down when I reminded it that you were just a customer, ordering a drink to go with his already gone sandwich. Between the wall and the latte machine I was able to sneak peeks at you working on your computer. After you claimed your latte you walked up to the counter for the third time and I told you that you couldn’t order anything else. I was delightedly surprised when you affirmed that you were indeed done ordering things. Instead you told me that you didn’t hangout with many people in Huntsville and proceeded to ask me out sometime. It took a lot of self-control to collectively and cool as possible say yes. Because you’re a professional businessman, you flashed me a business card and all that was left to figure out was how long I had to wait to text you. I lasted about 30 minutes after closing. With our plans all set, I awaited nervously all the next day for 8 o’clock.  Around 12 on that Wednesday afternoon I got a phone call from my recruiter. The best news ever on such a short notice; I finally had a ship date and it was next Tuesday. I’ve never had so many emotions rushed together in one moment. I debated on continuing to go out with you that night considering my soon departure. When I called my mom to tell her the news, she convinced me that I should still go out because you never know. I am forever grateful that I went out that night because it led into four amazing days.

Yes, that’s right, four days. In the almost 6 months that I’ve known you, I’ve only actually known you for four days. So how could someone that I’ve spent so little time with impact my life in such a huge way? In four days I talked with you, laughed with you, and debated with you about things I can’t even talk to my parents about. How could someone be so open-minded, spiritual, smart, young and be wrapped up in such a handsome package. I worried that someone like you would forget me while I was gone. I knew 4 months was a long time and realistically when you only know someone four days, that’s how it typically goes. You said you would write and we talked about continuing to hangout when I got back but to save myself I believed it wasn’t true.

Arriving at my base to ship out was extremely nerve-racking but you reminded me that I was finally doing what I always dreamed off and that you too would be doing something you love. I was grateful that out-processing took three days and I got a little extra time to talk to you. I texted you all the way up until I left my civilian freedom at those Lackland gates. That was it, for the next 4 months all I had was the memories created in four short days.

So I thought anyways. Week one of BMT was our first time getting mail. All 42 of us girls piled into the day room and silently hoped we’d received letters. When my MTI called my name I was so happy! Finally a letter from my mom, but it wasn’t. It was a letter from you. A sweet, scented, personal letter that brought me to tears. God, I reread that letter and smelled it 100 times while I was there. Everyone wanted to read it and know the face behind those beautiful words. That letter brought me so much strength in times where I was weak. I knew that with people like you praying for me back home, I wasn’t alone in my journey. I wrote you back, about four times in the following weeks and though I got nothing back I knew it was probably because you were busy with work. Week two we finally got another phone call and although it was against the rules, I decided to peek at my text messages. Sure enough there was one from you. I knew the next time we got a phone call that I was going to call you even if it was just for a few minutes. When that week four phone call came I called my mom first to tell her my progress and through tears explained to her that I was going to call you with the last five minutes. In the three minutes that I actually talked to you I felt my strength and will replenish. You explained to me how all of my letters were going to the wrong house and reassured me that you would try to get them in the next few days. Everyday after I hoped for more letters from you, and yet none came. In B.E.A.S.T. week I was handed back all of the letters I had wrote to you and a small part of me gave up. You were home, building a life for yourself and doing what you love; I was sure you had forgotten me. By the time your last letter came in week six, all of me had given up hope. I was graduating the next week, my family was coming and I had actually did it. My dreams of being an Airman had finally come true. After they moved us to the Airman’s week dorms all any of us talked about was getting our phones back on the way to tech school. Knowing that I was going to Keesler, I knew I had at least 11 hours to talk to as many people as I could. Unfortunately the excitement of being able to talk to people after being cut off for eight weeks is much different than the reality. When I turned on my phone I realized that I was different. There was distance between the civilian life I lived and the military one I was forced to become accustomed to. I sent out my messages to let people know I was finally back on the grid and that was pretty much the end of that.

Tech school was probably one of the greatest experiences of my life. I never got to do the full college experience but I’d like to think it would’ve been a lot like tech school. I went out every weekend with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. As great as it was, I was excited when I only had 10 days left to graduate. I texted you to share my excitement and try to patch the distance I had created between us. I was slightly mad that you didn’t write that often and in turn spent a lot of weeks ignoring your texts. We talked on the phone that night and you told me when I got back we could go up to the lake and do all kinds of fun things. I was so excited to get home. When I failed my test the next day and they told me I was getting washed back, all of my hopes wiped away. You told me it would be okay and that you would visit me the weekend after father’s day but it didn’t matter. I was pretty sure you were just saying that. A few days before the weekend you were supposed to visit, I got a phone call from you but I didn’t answer it in time. I had completely immersed myself in my schoolwork and forgotten that you were supposed to visit until that night. The next few weeks I concentrated on only my school work and returning home to my civilian life. The few times I had texted you after the phone call you didn’t answer and I was sure you were done with me. I thought I had made you mad with my spaced out texts and ignored phone calls. I decided I needed to apologize. I remembered that business card I was given many weeks ago and used your work email as a last resort. When you didn’t respond to that either I knew I needed to let it go and be happy with the four days I had spent with you, even if that’s all I ever got.

Last week when you told me the news about your accident, I felt selfish for thinking it was something that I had done that kept you away. Selfish that I failed and wasn’t home when you got injured. I cried for you and prayed for you. I wondered why someone with such a beautiful soul would have something so horrible happen to them. I felt sorry for you and sad but then I realized that you needed neither of those things. Your recovery has been a miracle and I know that it’s only going to get better. For everything that you are and everything that you’ve done, I’m not sad anymore, I’m proud. I’m proud to know you, grateful that you’re alive and truly blessed to have met you.

I guess the point of this story is to prove that timing is weird. God puts people into our lives in a time when we sometimes don’t understand but that doesn’t mean its not on purpose. At the end of the day if you have faith that your life has a bigger purpose than what you see day to day then nothing else matters. Thank you for coming into Panera that night and adding a little more light to my life.

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