Sam and Max: The Girl's revenge.

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Sam and Max are brothers and best friends. Every week, Grandpa comes over to their house and tells them a story.

Submitted: August 17, 2016

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Submitted: August 17, 2016



"SAM AND MAX!!" Mom called the brothers. Sam and Max looked up from their sticky glue-gunned craft. "Grandpa's here!" Sam and Max knew the drill. Every week, Grandpa Henry came over and told the boys a story from when he was little. 'Coming!" They shouted down the stairs as they ran into the bathroom and washed their sticky little hands. Then, they charged down the stairs. "Careful, now.' Mom smiled as she said that. Her little boys were always in a rush when Grandpa was involved. The boys ran into the living room. They spotted the back of Grandpa's head in his usual chair:The recliner. "Grandpa!" The boys ran over and hugged him. "Hello boys!" Grandpa chuckled as the boys sat down at Grandpa's feet. "Tell us a story!" So, Grandpa settled back in his chair and said:" Do you boys remember the story I told you last week about me and Randall ruining Beth's birthday cake?" The boys nodded silently. "Well, this is what Beth and little Annabelle did in return." The boy's eyes opened with excitement as Grandpa cleared his throat. "It started the night after Beth's birthday, and Randall and I were in our beds, in our room talking about how weird it was that Beth hadn't talked to either of us that day. Of course, this had happened many times where she said she wasn't going to talk to us that day, but she would usually break in 5 minutes. As we were discussing this, the door creaked open, and we froze in our places, staring at the opening door, and then i felt something heavy jump on my bed, and I screamed. I looked down to see what it was, and it was just our hound, Rover. Randall held back a laugh as my face turned pink with embarrassment. Boys weren't supposed to get scared, especially over a harmless pup like Rover. We quickly forgot about the incident as Randall and I continued talking about Beth's silence that day. But little did we know that there was a reason she was so quiet. It was because she was thinking, thinking hard.Thinking so hard that she wouldn't talk. And we soon found out what she was thinking so long hard about. The next morning, we woke up to Rover, barking and scratching on our door. Randall got out of bed to open the door, and what he stepped on he screamed at. I looked down on the floor and was shocked. There, and the floor, were at least 5 giant green bullfrogs hopping on the floor. I faintly heard what sounded like muffled little girl giggles. "Beth and Annabelle!!!" I shouted. Eventually we got the frogs out of there, But it will forever remain a mystery of how Beth and Annabelle managed to get the frogs up in our room without Mother noticing." Sam and Max went to bed that night dreaming of waking up and having frogs in their rooms too. 

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