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Submitted: August 17, 2016

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Submitted: August 17, 2016



Everyone I know is obsessed about looking skinny. Our societies form of perfection as I like to call it. I have noticed that no matter the culture, skinny is always in. In my sub culture as a gay man I am bombarded with muscular men left and right. Its what people find attractive. I get that because i find it attractive. But as I get older I began to become fed up with seeing only that. I know people who have come to hate a part of their bodies. Whether it be their stomach or thier thighs just because they aren flat or muscular. I get it, I have been that way my whole life since high school. Always striving to get that body that everyone wants. Not feeling worth anything if I didnt have it.  As I lost weight I was disgusted by the way guys who would never give me a second glance when I was chubby began to come knocking at my door. Guys who are not even skinny. Who dont even have flat stomachs or hot bodies hitting on me now that I was losing the weight. It makes no sense to me. Why judge someone about the way they look when you yourself are no different?

I look at myself in the mirror and began to not care. I still work out and try to eat healthy but I started to do it for me. I really wish people would do the same. Not for your haters or that one person who wouldnt even give you chance with a little fat on you. Body image in todays world is so screwed up. I understand that everyone wants to be healthy and have a great body. But not at the cost of your morals. 

So Fuck people. Fuck what they say you should be. What you should weigh. What you should wear. BE YOU. Maybe this was just a long ass rant but at the end of the day. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Your biggest critic will always be you. 

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