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Submitted: August 17, 2016

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Submitted: August 17, 2016













by, c.m.i.











Once upon a time on a forest so far away from a place we normally called as city. There was a boy. A boy who lived on his own, no family he’d known, nor relatives at all. A boy without a past nor a future to hope but in some circumstances, the fate will give him a place where path of fairness always rises.

Without a parents to lean on, his life was just nothing but a resemblance of a shadow that’ll no one would ever know, none up until this moment.

Despite the hopeless idle life beyond vastness of his sight reaches, the boy had a lot of company. After he was born, her mother died right after the moment he cried his very first moan. A cry that somehow without him knowing it linger on the grievance of loss.

On the darkness of the forest, where even clouds wouldn’t challenge its pitch nor even the greatest knight wouldn’t dare to enter, a boy was born. In order to set the fairness upon everyone, the “Fairness” showed itself.

Knowing the dreadful fortune of this poor boy, the Fairness get a hold of its wand to lift the loathsome tragedy of such innocent soul away from him. So with its position, the Fairness ask to the creatures of darkness who would be willing to sacrifice its own freedom toward darkness to carry on the light upon the grim that they consider as home.

It was a noble task for the system of human, yet on the other wall, an act such as this is proclaiming of being more than a martyr.

Then the Fairness counts to three. If nobody presents to be its guardian, it will be forced to cast out all the undefined realm far beyond the fairness can hold, or simply saying, it will be forced to cast out the “Hell” upon everyone with all the fouls that this earth harbours.


The “Time” as we all know is always running, yet suddenly out of nowhere, the time had found itself stunned on the bravery of this woman. A woman that set its foot to a path of martyrdom, her name was “Luna.”

So gorgeous as she was, a Goddess of all the beauty if you prefer. Her existence is recognized, from the highest point of the pyramid up unto the last text of Incas Kingdom. As jostle as she was however, her soul still remains on that box where poor minds forgot to open.

It is only on the eyes of all the creatures that human thought as “Thoughts” that Luna exist. To the stars and the sun, through the sky and the land, through the hill, through the river, through the wind and through the time, through the hopes and through the word, Luna exists. Such wonderful it is to live if only someone could see that there are lives on every vision of a man.


Luna as she is, was destined to become the Guardian of this poor young lad. Given the situation, without food to feed, nor cloak to mend, nor roof to lean, nor water to drink the boy lives.  On the Garden of Eden hunger and thirst doesn’t exist. On that place clothes were never needed. On that place home is way more than that, way more that even paradise itself cannot suffice. In this story, everything is possible only and only if, we believed from the very beginning that we weren’t destined to be cast out, and so he did.

Raised by someone that only civilized people known as the moon, he lived a life on contentment where rules are never written, nor greed and pride and anger and jealousy are never given.

His life was indeed enough, as a matter of fact, it is more than enough that he hoped for, but as he grows older the words such as contentment, innocence, paradise, become so little, so little like the size of the moon compared to the earth it served.

He felt that dubious feeling that cast the cursed of God from the denizen on the Garden of Eden. A feeling that pulled us to live through carrying the weakness that all of Man know. The boy felt the feeling that wrote the existence of hunger and taste, of shame and cold, of home and house, he felt for the very first time, the feeling of “Longing.”

But the boy can’t seem to understand the boundaries so he asked it. “Longing, why do I still feel you though I feel like everything I need was already on my head?” then the Longing state its reason, “I’ve always been there, from the day you were born, from the day your parents hold on, from the day your life had grown. I am always here my dear and that is not in your head where I dwell, it’s in your soul where I live.” Then the boy asked, “if that is so, then what am I longing for?” Quarreled by his own belief the boy hopes for an answer that won’t change everything. But as silenced was destroyed an answer was formed. “it is what you know what it is. It is what the world hope, hope it is.” As the wisdom released and sank deep within his thoughts the night was called and the darkness wakes. The moon had showed up so near to reach yet impossible to touch.

As the night goes to travel along with the time and chatting about something like eclipse and whatsoever. Luna was disturbed by the ingenuity of things that it sees through the eyes of the poor boy. So then it asked him, “why do you let your treasure escape your eyes. You have kept it for so many long times so why would you let it slip through and let go in an instance.”

Hearing barely and feeling nothing about the treasure that slipped through its chest, the boy pulled out the question he madly wanted to throw. “what is it that I know but I do not?” Astounded by the demand of voice, the Luna unknowingly spit the words not so long but will eternally be graved upon the heart of its innocent son.

“love.” gasping a breath then continued, “it is love that you know not it is. You do not know it because you feel it. It is your longing that longs for what you feel not what you know.” After hearing such statement, the boy was only feed up by Curiosity. So then he searched deep within his soul, shoved the fouls in his heart and let himself drowned on the unfamiliar possibilities he and obviously all of us known and in there he found “Love.”

From an unimaginable place where no ordinary boy could have gone to, he found it.

And so he asked, “if it was you that I am longing for, then till me why would I long for you?”

Love as we all know, works on the mill of process but at the same time live within amidst, so it does not contrast nor compliment on both, and in that, it makes it so wonderful.

By any chance, the boy repeated the question to know whether it heard what he said, but then it never replied. Maybe because it was too busy thinking the right answer for such a little innocent question yet so wide that even the vastness of the emptiness cannot outrun.

Then the boy preceded on the question, “fine then, then if I suppose it was you that I’ve longed for and say as well that I knew the answer on why would I long for you, then tell me at once, who or what will it be?”

Despite that amount of interrogatives, the love finally broke its meek. “who was it indeed you love.” Curiousness once more played the scrabbles in his head. “who is it going to be?” then the poor boy looked at the sky hoping for an answer, hoping to find a remedy on the pain caused by ignorance toward something no one in his own paradise thought.

Yet on the weariness, his vision was locked on the light that shines upon darkness, he saw the moon. On the bleakness of darkness, he was stunned by the light that speak only nothing but beauty.

Run out by the demand of a response the boy shouted the name of Luna together with the words that even struck himself.

“she is the one I love, I love her from the moment I wake, when I was born and in everyday I was born again. I love her because of the kindness it showed me when everything and everyone deprived me with care, with love. She had stayed when I am in company of solitude. She was there so I loved her.”

Realizing the answer, the boy had pronounced. Love initially test the potency of such powerful words. “you do realize, that she was been there for you as you stated but not to be as your lover but more like a mother.”  then the boy replied, “yes, but I do know also that on the midst of fairness. Relation does not concur malice toward one another. For we are all a creation that live upon one life to another.” and so the Love was satisfied

“then I ask you once again, if I cannot win my war over my longing toward whom I’ve known for all my life, then tell me how can we bound together?”

Both stucked from the words and left by words. The Luna and Love knew by then that they must be careful not to pull a foolish response. So between silence and deep thinking, the Luna took the chance immediately and draw its image on the picture.

Logically and literally, Luna, the moon was on top of everyone but in spite of that it felt that she was being held down from the heaven, to the land and carriage by the words of this young lad with a young heart yet soon with a dying hope.

Looking down straight on the eye with a yearning look Luna speak,

“I love you my dear with all my heart and I would willingly take responsibilities over you and what you desire and you know that. But this, my sweet, these thing that you ask is something I cannot give. I cannot give up myself and live on your midst.”

“we were created on the oddness and difference is what we are made of. Like a painting, two hues are only parted to depart over the iridescent of iridescences.”

Unlike you, I have my obligations bestow upon me. A task God had commanded thee. If I gave up my position then who will be there when darkness came, who will give light upon the fishermen on the ocean and more importantly, who will be there to summon the shadows that draws the thousand contrasts of the beauty of darkness.

“I am willing to give the whole of me if only and only if it is mine to give.”



Flooded with grief hearing such rejection and unbearable truth, the boy run away from the forest. Running so far from what he’d known as home, he knows nothing upon the path his feet are taking him but one thing he knows is to find an antidote to mend the pain that wounds his soul.

A pain that dwells within him from the moment he was born, and now just recently after he experienced words that doomed the loyalty of man to God.


Unfamiliar with all the lights upon his sight reaches, he was astonished. In his thought he wanted to know what is this kind of element that sway through the wind yet calm itself upon a thousand audience, an iridescent over iridescent. Two different, no, not only two but more hues that was parted to part.

Exploring the mud so hard that lift the heaviness of his foot, he found a merchant. Skinny and old, narrow eyed merchant wearing a ridiculous fabric that was wrapped all over his body and his head, he chuckled.

Seeing the boy naked and wandering through the darkness, the merchant gladly offers the boy a help that any normal person would do. Though unrecognized, the boy seems to find refuge at all places.

Without a doubt he wanted to know what it was that defines the wisdom of his beloved, so he asked the merchant. The merchant then welcomes him on a hut with conical roof made of rugs stacked in volume enough to stand from destruction of sudden storms.

It’s almost midnight. Everything was silent, the only noise that draws attention was coming from the forest few miles away. Though it was quiet in physical world, his mind is in the place of unfolding the only solution he thought over this ghastly feeling he was wearing.

Never been taught how to speak, nor taught to understand the words of human, he struggles to describe his curiosity. So he just pointed his finger on the candle and tried so hard to use what he has. But the merchant never understands even one.

Out if distraught he put his hand on fire until it started to blaze and the pain of burn bite him. He was so mad, that he almost lost his sanity and brought the house into flame. The merchant was angry that it made him banished the boy away from his life and away from this town.

Being cast out twice on one night his he felt fatigued so then he rested. Hoping that the next day would give him a light that the moon always lit.

But until that day it continued to get worst. Then so many days passed. Banished as always from wherever he goes, he hopelessly ends on a place where he always began. Nowhere to go, he came back on the forest with weary eyes that he has and swallowed whole by the filth of pride.

A home he thought not his own but welcomes him without anything in return. After mulling things over the terrible things he had done. He comes up on a desperate necessity. From the shade of an old elm tree where he lies his tired flesh on the dying bark begging for an end, he summoned darkness.


“Darkness from which I saw from the moment I close my eyes till the moment I glanced my first sight. I am asking you to be with this moment of time and show yourself on this realm I live.”

Then the grim from which his eyes behold, a smoke of shadow appeared in an instant and speak this words, “my son from whom been mine all this time. You never took the courage to face the thing you’ve never want. A life as you know isn’t normal as what other people do. You are special. What you have is something you know but chose not to and that makes you even more extraordinary.”

From the prelude, his minds were filled with questions he takes for granted. Yet from wandering his mind, he finds itself the need to talk about his feelings. “I wanted to be with my love, if that is true that I am special then it is possible for me to ask you to bind us, right?”

Then the darkness came forth with the question he didn’t thought he would ask. “are you willing to sacrifice the needs of men just to be with your beloved. Are you willing to give the world to all of mine? What you ask isn’t something so simple. If you will own for yourself the moon and take it away from the world, it will rip the world into pieces. It will bring terror on all of mankind.”

“are you willing to bargain the world to be with your beloved?”


The darkness has always been there all our lives. From the day the first man was born until this present that we own. He never wanted the world to be in its possession, because it had always been his own. The treaty is mostly in the benefit of a poor young man who felt the longing that fed out the feeling of discontentment and carelessness.

Realizing that he wasn’t been recognized by the world the same as he was to them and unknowingly experience the greediness engraved on the people’s eyes and the pride that he thought pathetic to be felt while living. He indeed seals the treaty that darkness unfolds.

And so it happens, after he spill the blood of man to the pitch of endless darkness in exchange for a prize worthy of anything he has.

The darkness become the horror of man’s time.


The world then recognizes the darkness deep within each and everybody’s soul. They feel the unbearable sadness like it’s as if grievance has always been there every single minute that passed. The feeling of unworthiness of everything they dreamt about. A feeling of disappointment over something exceptionally beautiful. A feeling of loss over something they have no idea what it was. The world had suffered darkness much more than they delighted the value of light.

The days become nights and the nights become darkness. The whole world was in vain, a suffering they don’t know how to end. Pathetic loathsome over something so wicked. Crying without knowing what they thought to be lonely. The solitude from which receives an overwhelming abandonment have finally got a company.

The horror in all mankind is endless.

On the other walls, Luna was commanded to be in possession of a man that choose to love. Choose to love her even if it takes a horrible thing in exchange. With all the terror, shallowness, and hopelessness the world experience the boy above all felt happiness. Realizing the whole world has been sacrificed in order to fill the space emptied by love, he felt happiness.

Upon the despair of every man that also experienced love, he only felt a little drop of sympathy over something so wide that he never knows.


Over the past few months the world is still moving. Living a life with a cross to carriage for every drop of time that pass. It seems like, every minute of suffering is equal to a minute of pleasure. The uncertainty of things had vanquished as the soul was blinded by so much delight of love, it was something the boy had never felt before. Something that could somehow complete him as a man. For him, his beloved was everything and everything else than that is just nothing.

An innocent man that choose to be a slave of “Love.” Corrupted from the wonder it gives, the sight it shows, and words it promises. The world has never been so beautiful as he saw it all his life only until the moment he felt love.

But once an idle thought flourish from drought, it will still become idle if not given a proper care.


Being hopelessly stucked upon something she also desires. She continued to be the mistress of a man. A man she thought as a special someone with the ideal that will change the world. She never realized the wickedness of this man’s doing for she knows it was only brought by the presence of her own.

For her, everything he does was only cause of that longing felt, a longing that she knows even her cannot fill. He knows that his heart was yielded by the greatest smith she considered as master and it cannot be break even by the power of he thought was love.

Luna tried to go own with what everything the man want. He was delighted by so much bliss of every moment he was with her. Being created far before he was born. She had witnessed a lot, so many things that man does and man sacrifices over love. She sees how man fight madly for their own nation out of love and protest a war for their own greediness. She had witnessed so many kind of deed just to feel that empty space of deep longing.

Of all the creation in this world however, she knew most of all what it felt to be alone. Solitude in all the nights she existed. Hence, for the first time, she felt she was special, not as something to be always taken for granted nor something to be fancied nor something like to be a servant. She felt that in a heart of one man, her presence is way too important, way too needed, like an ecstasy way too addicted.

For over past few months, she wanted to indulge on that soft cushion of care she long for so many long time and a months or a year wouldn’t hurt or even a decade would be fine compared to a thousand of years on that pitiful position.

She desires to that feeling of being loved so she goes on being someone he wanted him to be, a wife. The affair that had been known in all of creation have lasted for so many years from a year to a decade their relationships has gone strange. Then the love of a man has gone to madness. Being driven by that feeling, he was then visited by the idea of living forever. He doesn’t want it to end, so he chased for solutions within his destitute mind yet none had risen.

On other thought, Luna become so dull, lazy and almost irrepressible by its own obligation more than before. She was swallowed by the caress of boastfulness that she’d already forgotten what it was her intention from the moment she took part on the lives of what she called as beloved.

From the beginning of all things. Love was there and as the history repeats itself, madness will always be there and when there is madness, there will always be wickedness and as it goes along. The solution as always will be new beginning.

New beginning. Words that will never be accepted as a sentence so it will be teared apart until the point become pointless.


With the aid of his different childhood life, he has gained access over almost everything including death. From the small amount of something he never thought of a sacrifice to be what he will always arrived. Always the same situation just like before and he feared that it was much worst that what the first he’d known. A treaty from which the trade is the unit. He comes up once more on a bargain which is far more wicked, it is mournful.

From that simple tiny feeling of discontentment, grows a cursed from which even him cannot lose.

“Death” was something inevitable, an incontrovertible display of all the Darkness ever known. Sadness, solitude, despair, loneliness, shallowness, hopelessness, they are all just indeed a small part of on the concept of grievance. Death isn’t one of it, it was all of it and more.


Lived by the passion to love Luna and lived with her from where death doesn’t exist. The boy cast a treason in exchange of something he never even once owns.  The prize from all this wreckage of mortality was a prize to live in eternity.

“Wreckage of Mortality,” is simply the display of the vision of Apocalypse over all of mankind, over all of creation.  The end of every living and non-living things. Everything that was created. This demand was way too much to ask in exchange for a single to be eternal and indeed it was. But the fact is, he asked more than that and it unfortunately equal the trade.

He asked Death to do a vile action that is enough to bring him from nowhere. An act that would dare the God himself in its power.

He wanted the Death to give life on something that wasn’t living normally on the realm of mankind. He wanted to make Luna a human with life same as his, infinite.

A treaty was then settled. As the death grants the wish of this poor young soul he was then became immortal, can never die by time, by knives, by hunger, by sickness, by horror, by solitude, by loneliness. Though as invincible as he was now, still within him lived the boy prisoned by the feeling that he unchained caused by deep longing.

Love isn’t as horrifying as it was said if only one person in love, knew what it really is.

As a wish granted, a payment must be given. Without knowing anything on the tragedy of this treaty, the men on all of the nation was been taken. Unknowingly of its origin, the world of hopeless men vanished one by one until only innocent souls was left.

For Death the taking of lives of all the people drowned first in the river of hell is something that was supposed to be done many long ago.

They were filth with pride and swallowed by greediness, chained by discontentment, lust by sin and it is therefore nothing to be saved for. They were hopeless souls. They were given so many chance by “Life” yet they’ve still taken it for granted like it’s as if life doesn’t exist.

According to him, it was nothing but removing the dirt.

So as he was pleased by that trade, he then now takes forth the next wish.

As Luna face upright to receive the blessing of life, an illuminating light blinded a light that blinded the pact and in an instance it had blown away death and commanded at once to let this madness end.

It was a light that conceal the light of its beloved. The sun had set foot on the path it was never own and so the boy become angry of such dishonor of bestow.

Driven by his anger for this bastard and frustration of seeing it outshine the one he loves. He cast a cursed over the sun that was enough to summon God. It was his bravery that was born holding the promise of immortality dared the sun to speak words of foul.

He was easily swayed by his grave anger that he dared the God over its power. Then the Sun shines too much that it almost stunned him from where he was standing.

Even devoid of mouth yet the words were spoken, “Henceforth, your eternal life will live on the face of your beloved. For you whose wished is to be with her for the rest of eternity then you shall be with her.

Then the darkness over the light that cast out had vanished, together with the boy who brag about his eternal life. It was a story that no one would forgot. A story of a man who fell to deep on loving. A man with a profound sense of longing over something that he hoped would fill that empty space in his heart. A Man in the Moon.



Loving isn’t as horrifying as it was told if only one person whose madly in love knows what it really was. Love is not about possession, it’s about appreciation.

We don’t have the right to engraved our names over something that wasn’t ours, or worst trade it in order to gain power. Our life isn’t our own if we only realize it, yet we have given this right to do everything we want with it. Whether we kill it or live it, it is our choice but just never forget that the life named upon us is something to love for over anything we desired of. Even if it was that deep longing which was bound to us for the rest of our lives.


Once in a while the man still long for something. Something that he’ll never find.





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