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Submitted: August 17, 2016

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Submitted: August 17, 2016



used to be known as a player. ...
now i can say im that word slayer.
never find me on my knees
but i still say my prayers
but god can save me.
im knocking on ever door
but the devil holds the key
but gods angels
guide me to safty
so who am ii to be.
the devils son./? or gods angel
ive looked at this from every angle
back against this brick wll.
i was shown how to fly
when i was forced to fall
they say all we need to do is ask for help.
but when asked they she u should have konwn better my hands are tied
so i stay red eyed,
always looking for my bride
someone to play with. someone to make smile.
someone to hide for a while. but someone ready to ryde
pac said is you have nothing to live for
you better find something youd die for
and that passion of love lust and pain.
is what i was born to crave
like a dog playing in the rain.
he may smell bad but he will always be there to keep his truest safe.
people come n go. go n come. but noone can take her place.
no one can replace.
its not bouut winning or lossing.
its about just being in the race,
so i try to stay laced up.
head to feet. i mean feet to head
ima live this way till im gray old and or dead.
they say the wise move in silence
but fuck that
i was born to live in violence
i know my math n science.
1 +1= us
but like shady n pac im still throwing that finger up.
but im an 80s baby so i was born to walk alone.
and ever rose has its thorn
......................ok i think im done sorry

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