Relatable Because Of The Internet

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Constantly falling in love because of the internet

Submitted: August 17, 2016

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Submitted: August 17, 2016



Have you ever just fallen in love with someone you have never even met? Let me rephrase myself, have you ever fallen in love with someone that didn’t even know you existed, you don’t know their voice, their lips, how tall they stand? The internet has caused me to do this rarely on the regular.  Once in a blue, I come across someone that peaks my interest and nobody peaks my interest. I think we do this regularly, or only I do anyways because it’s so hard to meet people today. Nobody ever goes to bars anymore, nobody goes on dates, and nobody introduces themselves unless it’s through the internet. I believe this is because it’s become socially unacceptable for you to approach anyone and rejection is a scary thing nobody’s ego can handle.

The internet makes everything so easy. There could be hundreds of souls looking at my Twitter profile or even my Instagram and they feel an instant connection with me and I am completely unaware of it because I published parts of me publicly for them to view without any restrictions.

I am guilty of this sense of connection because I too go along with society. I stalk people I have never even heard of four hours and once I am done digging I feel a closeness to them, I feel closer to them than I do my own family.

It’s easy to fall into this internet hole because we just want to feel a sense of belonging to people. We try to find people out there like us because it solidifies a deeper bond we have yet to reach the people in our range. The people in my circle are nothing like me so, without truly even realizing it, I go on the internet and scroll till I find a post that’s relatable. We just want to be relatable. And once I find someone that likes at least one thing I do I feel a sense of knowing them and wanting spend time in a bond with them.

We all do it, even if it is a second of feeling this way. We all just want to find someone like us because we are the best we know.

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