Imagination - The Ultimate Solution

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What is imagination? Why is it so powerful?

Imagine that you are stepping up stairs of stars and comets, and you arrive at the acme of the whole universe, on top of every single shooting star, with the burning sun below you and the immense black hole beside. Fleets of interstellar spaceships soar through the vacuum at such a high velocity that all you perceive are streaks of colorful rays. Amidst the space stands grand metropolises with a scale so ineffably magnificent.


Now you probably have this wonderful picture inside your head. However, the point here is not the “universe”, but the “imagine”. Imagination is a gift delivered to every single human being — no matter the gender, ethnicity, age — as long as you can think, you can imagine. 


The real world is bound by many rules: the rules of physics, the law of society, etc. Only through these laws can we achieve a state of balance — both physically and mentally — thus they are definitely crucial to maintain our society’s order and productivity. However, with our power to think beyond the reality placed in front of our eyes, we are not satisfied with the current situation. We want more, from building grand flying castles to superpowers like telepathy and telekinesis, and some of these wishes are accomplishable with our current resources and technology, but most others are not.


What is the best way to achieve these seemingly impossible ideas? With the gift of imagination, we can have the power to build and own anything from material physical objects to unknown mystical magic, and it can be done instantly. A floating city can be created from scratch in less time than it takes for a computer to execute a single line of command. Moreover, we can store these things into a infinitely big world that has more capacity and space than we will ever need. In this world, we don’t have to follow any rules — we are the creator of everything in this world.


Next time, when you are feeling intensely angry, take a step out of the reality and walk along the serene beach in your world, and you can see how the waves come and go, bringing all your bad mood away. When you are feeling terribly anxious or pressurized, escape the things at hand for a brief minute and enter a realm where humans and nature are one; there you can witness the beauty of life and other things you have neglected in the real world. When you are feeling sad or missing someone, look in your world, and you can see that person is always by your side with every step you take, because they are always in your heart.


Never lose the power of imagination. It is the thing that makes all of us special, and, with imagination, you can find a way to solve every problem you are facing.

Submitted: August 18, 2016

© Copyright 2022 skematt. All rights reserved.

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Thought provoking essay. Good job.

Fri, August 19th, 2016 10:52am


Thank you for reading through :)

Sun, August 21st, 2016 4:39am

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