chastin and harold

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Submitted: August 18, 2016

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Submitted: August 18, 2016



Chastin and Harold

Monday, June 24th, Mid Afternoon… Chastin walks up to a door wearing nothing but swim trunks, holding a pool net and a cellphone. Chastin rings the doorbell and Harold answers. Chastin, with his cheeks blushing up with embarrassment, utters “oh hey Harold I didn’t know this was your house,” *Chastin feels really embarrassed at this point, probably cause Harold is also in swim trunks* “oh hey Chastin, uh this isn’t my house, I was hired to clean the pool, and it looks like you were too” said Harold who was also feeling very awkward at this point. “Well I was sent to clean the pool too, but it seems they already have someone to do it so I’ll just go” Chastin says while in full tomato face. As Chastin turns to leave, Harold grabs him by the arm and says “Wait Chastin”. Chastin turns around. “I could use some help cleaning the pool and we could split the cash” says Harold who is sweating at this point. Chastin hesitated at this point, but agreed to help Harold.

Chastin is cleaning the grime off the pool sides and Harold is cleaning the pool with a net. Chastin is sweating really hard and Harold realizes it. This was no ordinary sweat too, this was pure, foul shit and it smelled like a lobster’s asshole shortly after coitis with giraffe with hemorrhoids. Chastin sees pool grime that he can’t reach so he hops in and swims down to clean it. Chastin comes up from the depths of the pool and Harold looks in awe as Chastin bursts up from the water’s surface, water droplets dripping down his chest, it was as if Chastin had descended from heaven itself and was here to scrape Harold’s now throbbing cock against his zipper. Harold has a visible boner at this point bulging from his pants, but he thinks to himself “I can’t get with that. He’s probably has higher standards than that, then me” as he looks away in shame. Chastin peers over at Harold and sees him looking at him before Harold quickly looks away before things get more awkward then they already are. But Chastin quickly notices Harold’s bulge and wonders “is Harold ok, his face his redder than mine. Maybe I should just leave... Yea ill just tell him I have somewhere to go.” Chastin got out of the pool still sopping wet, and approached Harold, thinking of what to say before he reaches him. Chastin, mind clouded with thoughts and face full of raw embarrassment, Trips and hits the floor with his head.

Chastin wakes up in what appears to be a teenage girl’s room, on the bed with a towel underneath him and an ice pack on his forehead. He lifted his head to see Harold on the end of the bed. Chastin then asked “what happened by the pool?” “Oh hey Chastin, you um… you knocked your head on the ground when you slipped on a puddle by the pool. I brought you up here where you could get out of the sun and somewhere comfortable.” Chastin felt very uncomfortable, but almost in a good way “would you like something to eat? I mean you’ve been up here at least an hour.” Chastin confidently replied with a “sure”. Harold came up with a cup of noodle which he gave to Chastin. “Here Chastin eat this” Harold Awkwardly crowed “I’ll be in the bathroom” “ok… thanks” Chastin simply replied.

Harold flew out the door and into the hallway where he sat pressed against the wall where the door to the room Chastin was in was and peer in. Chastin didn’t notice Harold as he ate, but Harold watched passionately while Chastin munched away on the noodles. Harold started to sweat all around as he felt the oxytocin flood his body and into his now Iron-hard summer sausage. Harold watched Chastin as if he were watching the second coming of Christ. It was as if he was watching the most beautiful sight he had ever seen and more. Harold pulled his shorts down and started jackhammering his cock to Chastin eating noodles and enjoys every second of it. 3 minutes later, Chastin finished his noodles and Harold has blasted his fire hose of salty, sweat, load all over the hallway.

Harold wasn’t finished though. Harold wanted more than that. Harold pulled up his shorts and walked in. Harold with all kinds of confidence walked up and asked “Done? Here let me get that ice pack” then proceeded to purposefully tripped himself and fell right on top of Chastin. Both eyes locked on to each other’s. Chastin, full of confusion, asked “w…what are you doing Harold?” “What I’ve wanted to do the day I met you” Harold replied and passionately tongue fucked Chastin’s face. Chastin had no idea what to do at this point, but deep down inside of him; Chastin knew that he enjoyed this sensation… a lot. Harold lifted up with so much regret he didn’t know what to do with himself. “Oh my god Chastin I’m so sorry I” “stop” said Chastin with brisk fealty in his voice. Harold was so confused, but then Chastin walked up grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him towards the bed and took off both of their shirts. “Wh…What are doing?” Harold spoke. Chastin put his finger on Harold’s mouth and whispered “shhhhh…just do what you must” and kissed Harold’s lips with certainty like he really wanted to have tongue masquerade with Harold, and Harold replied with same, and licked the rims of Chastin’s teeth and spit in mouth. Chastin was stroking Harold’s shorts and getting more and more moist around his asshole. Chastin broke free from Harold’s mouth and got down on his knees and exposed Harold’s pulsating, hard as steel blood tube from his shorts and started to slowly jerk his cock up and down, spiting and stoking with all his love. Harold picked up a remote he had found on the floor and turned on the TV which was playing Nathans Spanish project. He then turned on the radio and “Sweatshirt” by Jacob Sartorius was playing. With the mood set, Chastin was ready to inhale Harold’s cock down his throat. Chastin opened wide swallowed Harold’s gorilla dick down his gullet and started bobbing his head like a chicken on bath salts. Harold let out a loud moan and laid down on the bed as Chastin gave him the slurpee straw surprise up and down his slim jim like an Arabic striper. Chastin came up for air and Harold was displeased with this display of rejection from his red rocket and grabbed Chastin by his hair and threw him on to the bed. Chastin was in nirvana and relished simply from the thought of Harold’s Chester Cheeto in his ass. Chastin wasn’t wide enough but he didn’t want to displease Harold, so he grabbed a pair of tongs and gapped his asshole with them. Chastin screamed with pain but he did it for Harold. Harold gave Chastin's Thicc ass a hard smack and pierced Chastin with his torpedo. Chastin's asshole ripped and tore but he loved it so much. But Chastin really wanted to please Harold, so Chastin got into a frog position and thrusted himself into Harold’s erect, horse cock. Harold let out a mighty moan and let Chastin take over. Chastin started smashing himself against Harold’s cock till his ass turned black. Both Chastin and Harold were on cloud 9 at this point and looked as if they had both just seen the aurora borealis first hand. They both knew they wanted more though… much more. And shortly after, they started changing positions left and right. A car had pulled up in the driveway but the anal pounding was just too loud for them to hear. The front door opens. Chastin is suspended on the ceiling, bungeeing up and down on Harold’s cock. Someone walks upstairs. Harold is jackhammering Chastin’s limp asshole. Someone turns the doorknob. The whole house is shaking and Harold is almost done. Harold Let’s out a mighty gorilla screech and unleashes a fire hose blast of foul, wretched, onion-scented, homunculus spawning, water towers worth of cum all over the room and in Chastin’s drenched asshole.

The door opens… Sophia looks and sees her entire room covered top to bottom in this pool of yellowish-white ball sack gunk and Chastin and Harold both on her bed, sprawled out and exhausted. She looks for about 7 seconds, then shuts the door and never returned. Harold, now satisfied with his nearly unquenchable lust for Chastin, got up and got dressed. “Where are you off to?” Asked Chastin as he sat up to see Harold getting dressed. Harold turned and looked Chastin in the eyes and said “the gym”. The end...

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