Taking The Cure

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A little bit of adjustment to the prescribed dose.

Submitted: August 18, 2016

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Submitted: August 18, 2016



Taking The Cure


Don’t want another night in tears,

I’m going to get this right,

I’m going to sort the doses out

So I don’t have a fight.

Some whiskey, God, it’s been a while,

I’ll just have a swig of this.

Mix it with some water?

No, that I’ll give a miss.

So, pour a shot in to a glass,

Just so much and no more,

And that packet of those pretty pills

That’s what they’re prescribed for.

I’ll take a pill and take a sip,

Pour out another shot;

Are you expecting me to say,

These pills, I’ll take the lot?”

That’s not what I’m doing,

I just want a bit of sleep,

A double dose with whiskey

Should give me one that’s deep.

Maybe I miscalculate --

A treble dose will do

To bring me oblivion

So I don’t think of you.

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