Can't Deal With It!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  No Houses
Constant downer! This is a collaboration between Dianne Clifford and Mike Stevens.

Submitted: August 18, 2016

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Submitted: August 18, 2016



I have just got in from work and micro-waved my dinner,

My boss says I must entertain if I want to be a winner.


I’ll be going out this evening and we’re all meeting in a bar,

If I can’t make conversation then I won’t get very far.


But talking to some strangers is not something that I do,

What am I going to say to them? I haven’t got a clue.


But I will watch the evening news so that I’m really up to date

On who I should be supporting, and who I should really hate.


I’ll know exactly what is happening out in the big wide world

And then I’ll have an answer to all questions that are hurled.


But, what do I see, the constant pounding of depression, and

Around the clock, too, it's the same shit I saw yesterday, their brand


Never changes, they gleefully report, over and over again, 24/7 disaster.

Yes, we are but their trolls, knee jerk dancing to their tune, they are our master.


I'm too bummed out to try to act like I'm happy, feeling good and carefree.

I think I'll tell my boss that I'm not feeling well, and to go on without me.


I know it's not good to let them rule me, and to hold all this bad inside,

But this constant drumbeat by the media of nothing but the bad side


Of human nature makes it impossible to immerse yourself in the good,

Believe me, I'd shake these video downer blues, if only I could!

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