My Secret Diary

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Its the first time I have written a short story of a girl who have faced a lot in her life

Submitted: August 18, 2016

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Submitted: August 18, 2016




My Secret Diary....

Hii I am Jessica ,I study in Marry Convent School , stay in sector 21 Chandigarh ...ummm so it goes like  I was five when my mom died as she had a hole in her heart. That was the first time when I understood the meaning of death. Later my dad married a lady from his workplace and had one son and one daughter. Both of them are close to my heart. My stepmother had always made comparison between me and my siblings. I am 20 now but my stepmother never let me go to college and ask me to cook food for everyone. Today I met a guy in the market. He was standing in front of me in the shop, holding a packet of brown bread. He didn’t notice me just like everyone else. I was wearing loose shorts with my dad’s t-shirt as they are really comfortable. When I went to the cash counter I realised that I have forgotten my purse at home and I don’t have money. As I open the door of the shop to exit I noticed that he was staring at me from the corner of his eyes. It was the first time in my life that some guy has noticed me so I looked into his eyes; his eyes were green and glittering with deep thoughts. That time only he came closer looking into my eyes, asked me that if I could accompany him to his home which is just next to my home as he is new to the city. His name was Sid ,I knew it was not about being alone in the city as we all know Chandigarh is beautiful city to live... it was about something else. We started walking together towards my home. I find really good chemistry between us.

It had been eight months together in relationship with Sid. On January23,2016  my stepmother saw me and Sid together in cafe .I didn’t  knew what to say ,I knew she was going to tell my dad and I was really scared. In evening when dad came home he ignored me. It was pretty obvious that he was mad at me and that’s why he was not talking to me. Few days later I went to my aunts place where my aunt told my stepmother about friend of his son Roy who is working in bank and belongs to good family for marriage. I told Sid about it and asked him to talk to my parents but always things never work according to us. After that day he never called me back and I realised he never loved me. I told my parents that I don’t want to get married right now. I knew my stepmother will force me to marry Roy so I tried to talk to my dad on this matter but he didn’t listen to me. I was so upset with myself not because my stepmother was doing all this with me but because I always thought that dad will understand me and will stand by my side even if no one is there. My younger sister Veronica came to me and talked to me first time like sisters talk and she told me that Roy is really polite, decent, helpful kind of person but his financial condition is not good and moreover he stays in a small village near Patiala. I asked her “how she knew all this?” So she told me that she had heard my aunt talking on phone with someone and telling them about Roy’s family.

I tried a lot to stop the wedding but I could not succeed. I got married on February 14, 2016 with Roy. Roy had proved himself as a good husband though he is not rich but he had tries his best to provide me all the luxuries. I always wanted a husband like Roy who can walk with me forever. I will never forget Sid not as a lover but as a guardian angel who came in my life to help me to find my soul mate.

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