A letter to religious people

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A letter to religious people

Submitted: August 18, 2016

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Submitted: August 18, 2016



A letter to religious people

Dear religious people

I have often wondered why it is you feel the need to have a god in your life a wizard in the sky who loves you and has a plan for us all. Of course I understand many religions have a totalitarian system where apostasy can lead to a family disowning them or in some severe cases death, and of course in these situations you have my full sympathy. But many of you are too scared to look at the reality of the situation for example its clear even to a simple mind that the religious doctrines are a nonsense. It has puzzled me for years but I feel I understand you now.

The last five years of my life I have used something that religious people get from this imaginary all-encompassing wizard, and that is hope. You see for five years I have been suffering from unrequited love hoping that this will one day will change and she will love me like I love her. This may seem normal to you but if I told you I haven’t seen this girl in five years and that she has such little interest in me that if I died tomorrow she couldn’t give a fuck you would start to see this hope is bordering on mental illness.

Having said this, I feel that I should no matter how hard live in the real world and accept the reality and you should do the same too and here’s why

Religion has caused many of the worlds horrible events mass genocide, fascism and of course the obvious problem we have in the modern era is ISIS who because of this bat shit crazy doctrine are convinced they must take out the west if we don’t believe in what they believe.

Religion did not give the planet morality don’t be so arrogant to think so humans managed to go to the moon if you think we couldn’t have figured out stealing is bad without this nonsense doctrine you’re a fucking idiot.

I understand that some religions are making an effort to modernize as it were for example the catholic church seem to be more tolerant of gays I’m not sure what their view on aids is bad but condoms are worse these days but I digress. This however does not impress me modernizing does not change the fact its complete nonsense and we do not need in a civilized and progressive intelligent society this babble.

My main problem with religion is not the moral issues I accept that there are of course bad atheists my problem with religion is it simply is not true, just like its simply not true that this girl will ever love me.

I once read that to get true evil in the world you will need religion I disagree however I believe that in order to get intelligent people who think incredibly silly you need religion.

Thank you good night and much love

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