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this is the first short story in my new series.

Submitted: August 18, 2016

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Submitted: August 18, 2016



She had ran until her legs had given up under her weight. The chasers heavy footstep rang in her ears, as they came closer. She didn't know what would come first her chasers or her heart final heartbeat as it pumped in chest as never before she closed her eyes and starts praying to whoever would listen to her shaken words from jittery lips as the sound of the footsteps stopped just behind her. She had finished her pray as she looked up to look into a pair of red shadowy eyes, that burned into her soul. She tried to look away but the red burning eyes caught hers and would not let her go. She felt a light hand around her throat but as light as it was but the firm grab stopped the air from either coming in or out of her lungs. The hand lifted her from the floor and up in the air her legs dangled from underneath her body. The shadowy being looked into soul with sadness what had been a big blue flame within a healthy body but as her life had past both her body and blue flaming soul weaken as she wasted away her life and problems shoved away...until now.

For as the shadows finger tighten around the poor girl neck it said in a near whisper “run you shall and can but problems can and will run faster and when the shadows you have casted shade to reaches you it will end you” and with that that was the last words the girl’s ear would hear and the last two sounds the girl would never hear again was her neck snapping and the last weak heartbeat.

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