Meeting More Than Amity

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Two people coming together with an undeniable bond at the wrong time

Submitted: August 18, 2016

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Submitted: August 18, 2016



The cards against humanity game I was playing with a room full of strangers was getting too intense for my liking. I had a hand of ridiculously funny cards I was patiently waiting to throw down when the perfect topic came along. This was the first party I had ever been to, I didn't expect we would all end up playing drunk card games; nevertheless, I was having the time of my life. 

And then it happened, the perfect topic came along: What is George W. Bush thinking about right now? There wasn't a card more perfect for what I had to offer. I simply placed my two best cards on the table waiting to win. My cards read "used panties" and "Nickleback". I was most excited for everyone to see me, to really see me for the first time. There were at least thirty people at this party and I knew one person. In crowds, this big, nobody notices anybody unless you make a scene or a fool out of yourself for everyone to stop for the viewing. 

The guy reading the cards started laughing instantly. I had a brief moment of insecurity, what if he wasn't laughing at my cards? What if someone else took this win away from me? What if they judged me for the cards I out down and thought I was weird rather than funny? I out those bad thoughts behind me when he said my cards out loud.

"Okay, I don't know who out down used panties and Nickleback but that a gold and it's a winner, I don't even need to see the rest of the cards."

I quickly claimed my winning card and blushed as my hand reached towards the cute guy that selected me. He smiled back at me and cause my insides to have a melting feeling. His eyes almost told me a story, he felt comfortable to me. This stranger suddenly felt as if he were someone I could trust, it was almost as if I wasn't in a room of strangers, it felt as if it were just him and I and we were friends for years. 

"Your cards were hilarious, what's your name? I have never seen you out to any parties before."

I replied to him answering all his questions, "Thanks, I just got a lucky hand of cards I guess. I'm Sarah, this is my first party, I never really did the whole high school thing. I did online schooling for a little bit and now I go to our community college full time. My best friend told me about this party and she dragged me along."

Our first words between one another were so boring but needed to be stated. The whole small talk thing is not for me. It's important for gathering information and that's about it. I was beginning to long for when he and I were past it. He told me his name was Adam and that he was a senior and soon to be at the community college I was attending in the fall. I have to admit, I know I don't even know him but the thought of attending school with him and running into him on the regular gave me some excitement.

The rest of the night was consumed by Adam, we talked and worked past the small talk. We got to a point within the night where we sat outside alone, smoked, drank and talked about sweet drunken nothings until I fell asleep in his arms.

The next morning I woke up still in his embrace. I moved my head over onto his chest and pulled him in close. His chest smelled like cigarette smoke and cologne. I hear my friend call my name from inside of the house. I pulled myself free from his arms and got up and grabbed my coat to leave. I thought of leaving him forever crossed my mind. This dark feeling of this being it, this possibly being the last time I see him made me a bit sad, a bit regretful. I looked through my bag and found a pen. Never have I ever carried a pen in my bag, was finding it fate? I lifted his palm and placed it in mine. I wrote my number down with a note containing my name and giving him the rights to call me. Giving him all the control was scary. I feared he didn't have as good of a time with me as I did him. I took a deep breath and got up and hoped for the best. If he had as good of a time as I did he would call and if not then it wasn't meant to be and I would just have to continue on. 

The house was filled with passed out teens and spilled over solo cups. This night was perfect but I was happy to leave. 


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