The Job

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It's about (the narrator) me starting my first job at a discount store and I meet other employers who recently work there as well. But here's the part where things get strange there's two sections in the store and one doesn't seem right but the other seems perfectly fine.

"You know. I'll just get started it and I hope you enjoy it because my family did."

Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Submitted: August 19, 2016



Today was the first day I started my first job as new employee to a discount store and as I entered the store in broad daylight, I walked in and felt the breeze from the air conditioner which gave me the chills a bit, then I look around until the manager came up to me and said "you must be our new employee, welcome to the team" and I say "it's a pleasure working with you." 

So since this was my first day on the job, it was time for the manager to show me around and explain to me about the store itself and what I was going to do here. As I'm walking I can see everything on this side of the store looking very neat and organized, the floor was spotless and I can hear music on the loudspeakers and it filled with me enthusiasm and confidence. 

As I continue walking I stumbled across a section of the store which was behind a caution tape and I look at the manager with a concerned look and I turn back to see what I was seeing, and the disturbing thing about it was the section itself the details were so horrific and disgusting that I had wide eyed expression like WTF am I seeing? 

As I take a small detour the shelves were disorganized and half empty, the floor was dirty and everything around me was filled with bugs and spiderwebs including dust which I'm allergic to and not only I felt chills down my spine I was feeling quite uncomfortable, even as Im walking the lights are flickering. On and off and the music on the loudspeakers started to sound more depressing and dark while it was playing.

I turned to the manager and asked "what's going on" feeling nervous at the same time, he explains to me how this side of the store used to be available for all customers until sales start dropping and customers started losing interest, which is why it looked so abandon. Then I said "isn't there a way to fixed all of this", the manager said "unfortunately we can't do anything about it".

After witnessing what I saw today I back up slowly and went under the caution tape and told my manager that this wasn't going to work out so I handed in my ID badge and as I stepped out of the store I look up and noticed the store doesn't have a name I'm mean seriously there's no name at all, it's completely blank and then I waved goodbye to them.

As I'm walking toward the corner I started hearing a strange noise from behind me, then I began to walk a bit faster then the strange noises began to get louder. At this point I began to freak out so bad I started running like hell and making sure no one was following me and thank goodness nobody was. What a relief and I made it home, and I walked in, lock the door behind and then my parents asked me how my first job went and I was completely honest with them and told them it didn't work out and they asked how come? And I said trust me you don't want to know. 

So I headed toward my room and got comfortable and I told myself, next time I apply for a job I'm making sure I checked the history and background of the place, then I go on my iPad and look up the job I recently just quit and I discover something about it and turns out the reason why it's look so abandoned was because years ago there was a huge fire that destroyed everything inside and no one survived it. I said how sad, and I realized that moment why there was blank sign, and I noticed that all the customers, employees, and the manager were dead and that I was really talking to their ghosts. 

I closed the tab and put my iPad on the dresser, I then grabbed my phone and played some music but then a few minutes later, I was in a mood for a snack and as I went downstairs to get a snack, my mom heard a knock on the door and when she opened the door it was the manager and he said "hey you forgot your purse and I want to return it to you" and I say "thank you" then as my mom walked away he said to me in my ear " you shouldn't have quit" I then closed the door feeling nervous and I go to my room to relax to take my mind off everything that happened today.

But it hit me how did my mom see him if he was dead?


The End 

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