zaws reborn part 1

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Prolog (v.1) - zaws reborn

Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Submitted: August 19, 2016



The road was endless it seemed to go forever 

I was thinking when will this road end I had a bad

Feeling like I was being watched I turned to face

The feeling. I wake up in a jolt just a dream. The next day I went to work I worked as a clean I cleaned the office when the guys had done work all day.

 it was in a town called FIREVOICE city an old type of name I remember when my dad would say a killer will get you if you stay late out of The house as a little kid that stopped me from going outside night and day and dad turn out pushing me out side for the day I meet

new friends mark, James, Jaxson and jane. Jane she is cute she is

pretty hot. Mark well he’s the joker. James he a great friend he talks like he’s the cool kid. I like hanging out it’s cool.

I’m now 34 I’m living FIREVOICE city still but I work as

A gun seller. I remember when mum would say you’re going to do something good well that sounds like all great

 but as a little kid it was a real goal at that age

It’s a real way to be happy. I woke up in a hot flash

A crash and bang I got up and ran to the windows

A car had crashed in to a kid I got my shoes on as fast

As I can I was running to the little boy when I got to him he was cut in half I felt like I was going to be sick

All the blood but when I looked up at the boy’s face

He smiled at me I jumped back what the heck

I turn to face a car coming fast no time I hear a crack

I don’t remember more. I wake up but I was in my house a man ran to me he’s awake hey welcome to the

Freedom fighters what oh you still hunt stay down what’s going on well my name is Jake hearten

Yours I’m max kings wait what stay hear Jake ran to a bigger man in the dark and Jake was talking to him

The dark man soon ran to me what did you say your name is hey wake up what is your name max kings I yelled at him max I sorry I don’t know who you are

Well for now just call me JF where have I seen JF

You’ll know in time I wake fast jumping up so fast

Like a zombie JF was standing there looking over me

You awake max yeah I’m up so you are JF

I was thinking who you can be but I don’t know

What happened to you so I said about the boy and all

That the car all of it yeah JF said how bad it sound like

 Here you’ll need this what he hand’s me a hand gun why? Wtf would I need this trust me you will.

 Part 2 coming soon.

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