Trouble At Galgora Mall

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Andrew's new girlfriend, Yahalangra Jarkorta, take's him to a shopping mall on her home planet, Segaria, inhabited by a race of people who can shoot electricity from the palm of their hands. But can she save Andrew from being kidnapped by an alien terrorist who calls herself Mother Supreme?

Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Submitted: August 19, 2016



I slept next to my new girlfriend in the Royal Ashlekha Palace in the capital city of Ashlekia, Kingdom of Palnatia, in the southeastern part of the main continent of Boraknet on Planet Segaria. My name is Andrew Scott. I was sent to Planet Segaria as a representative of the human race by the United Nations Starfleet. The Segarians were are race of electrohominins.
I slept with my arm around my girlfriend, Yahalangra Jarkorta, who was a Segarian female.
"Andrew," she said. Oh god, what does she want? I'm trying to sleep. "Andrew, time to get up" she sang. "We have to go to the mall".
I opened my eyes, grabbed my cell phone and looked at the time. 7:27 Carsheka. That's like early in the morning. Still being tired, I did not feel like getting up.
"Can't I sleep a little longer?" I said as I closed my eyes and started falling asleep again. "It's still early". I felt that I did not get enough sleep.
"Andrew Scott. Time to get up," she said. I could tell she was getting impatient with me. Yet I kept on sleeping. "Andrew, I'm going to get very angry with you. Are you going to get up or what?"
"Later," I said "Let me sleep a bit longer".
"Right" she sighed.
I felt her place her right hand over the back of my neck. Next minute I felt an electric shock on the back of my neck, coming from the palm her hand. I sat up straight. The Segarian people have special jakhoto cells in their forearms which can produce up to 600 volts of electricity. This allows them to shoot electricity out of the palms of their hands through their liamfu cells.
"That's one way to get you up" said Yahalangra with a smile on her face. Being 23 years old, she was the daughter of Secretary General Dalhlingra of the Gunla Vlanja. She had long straight, blonde hair with a slender build and wore a white nighty.
"Hi, darling," I replied smiling back at her "How are you, this morning?" I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips which felt nice and moist. My penis felt erect. I pulled back and we looked in each other's eyes. "Let's have sex".
"No. We have to get changed to go to the mall. We'll have sex later. OK?"
"OK" I replied.
I climbed out of bed, rose to my feet and put on my pants, dark blue T-shirt and socks. I watched Yahalangra take off her nighty and slip into her pink and white floral dress. I walked around the end of the bed and stood beside her as she brushed her hair. She smiled at me, walked up to me and kissed me on the lips.
"Come, let's have breakfast" she said.
We walked through the corridor which had white carpet with white walls and ceiling. It was white plywood. We walked down the steps into the living room that was adjoined onto the dining room and kitchen.
"Ah, good morning" said Dalhlingra, sitting at the table reading the newspaper. He climbed to his feet and held his arms open.
"Hi, dad" replied Yahalangra as she walked up to Dalhlingra and gave him a hug.
"How's my lovely daughter".
"And how are you this morning, Andrew?" said King Xholkrata Millorga of Palnatia. Xholkrata was a big male with a long greyish brown beard, wearing a yellow and red robe with a yellow floppy hat.
"I'm fine, Your Majesty. And how are you?"
"Good". Yahalangra let go of Dalhlingra. "Come and have breakfast. We're having yahatush".
"Don't mind if we do".
Me and Yahalangra sat down at the table next to the King. Dalhlingra sat opposite us. We had yahatush stew made up of the meat of the yahatush, a type of poultry. I picked up the drumstick and munched into it, chewing off the nice succulent flesh. The yahatush was cooked with gamangor, a type of leafy vegetable similar to leak, and ahadosh which tasted like a cross between honey and mustard and had the same colour as mustard.
"The yahatush tastes yum," I said "I love the sauce".
"Well, thank you, Mr Ambassador. What are your plans today?"
"I'm taking him to Galgora Mall," said Yahalangra. "To go shopping".
"That is a splendid place," said Xholkrata "a beautiful building indeed".
Once we had finished our breakfast, we decided to go outside onto the front yard of the imperial palace. Me and Yahalangra put on our sneakers, Dalhlingra put on his black leather shoes and Xholkrata put on his boots. I watched the Segarians zapping the canvas targets by shooting electricity out of the palms of their hands. It was totally amazing, seeing how Yahalangra produced electricity in the palms of her hands and watched her zapping the targets. For each time she struck a target, I would see a bright blue flash of lightning bounce off the target, leaving a scorch mark on the target.
It was awesome having a girlfriend who can shoot electricity out of her hands. That is so sexy. I smiled every time she did that. Then Dalhlingra and Xholkrata took turns at zapping the targets from the palms of their hands. I placed my right arm around Yahalangra's waist and we smiled as Dalhlingra and Xholkrata zapped their targets.
"Whoa," said Xholkrata "That was fun". The Segarians looked puffed as I saw the sweat dripping off their foreheads.
"Yeah. I enjoyed it," replied Yahalangra smiling. "Well, I better take Andrew to the mall then. Show him the sites".
"OK," said Dalhlingra "Have fun".
"We will, dad. See you later". Yahalangra turned to me and said "Come on".
Yahalangra  grabbed me by the hand and led me across the front lawn towards the gate.
We took the Yaltorqa train to downtown Ashlekhia near the sea. Then walked to Galgora Mall. As we walked across the main forecourt of the mall I looked up at the white double storied building made up of limestone walls.
"Look at this place, honey," I said. I had my left arm around her waist as she rested her head into my chest. "So fascinating". There was a lovely fountain in the middle of the courtyard, with the water coming out of the concrete shells.
"Yes, it is a nice place," replied Yahalangra "My dad took me here when I was a teenager".
We entered the mall which was very spacious with white lino floors and white plaster walls and ceilings with a skyline on the roof. It was packed full of people. The second and third floor balconies were above us.
"It's very busy, isn't it?" said Yahalangra "All these people. Let's go in here".
She grabbed me by the hand and dragged me into a nearby clothing store called Dlabaku. We walked up to one of the racks as Yahalangra looked at the dresses.
"Look at this one" she said holding an indigo silk dress.
"It's a lovely dress. Like the colour" I replied. There was a red dress, purple, yellow, red.
"I'm going to try it on. Let's head to the changing rooms".
I followed her to the changing rooms which had a mirror at the end of the corridor. She walked into one of the rooms and closed the curtain. I saw her kick off her shoes. I looked at a young couple sorting through the clothes, seeing what they liked. Yahalangra opened up the curtain and asked "What do you think? Does it suit me?"
"Yes," I replied "You look beautiful in it. It suits you".
"You think?"
"I like it too. It fits nicely. I'll buy it".
Yahalangra stepped into the changing room and closed the curtain. The couple walked into the changing rooms with the Segarian male's girlfriend walking into the changing room and closing the curtain. He said "Gorlingho".
I said "Gorlingho" back.
Yahalangra came out of the changing room. I followed her to the counter where she handed the dress over to the cashier.
"Seven qhorton ninety" said the cashier.
Yahalangra got out her eftpos card and swiped it through the eftpos machine. Then she put in her pin number and pressed enter. The cashier tore off the receipt, placed the dress in the bag and handed it to Yahalangra.
"Thank you" said the cashier.
Yahalangra turned to me and asked me to carry the bag for her. I took the bag. We walked out of the shop, my arm around her waist.
We turned left and headed deeper into the mall. There was a jeweller shop in the middle of the corridor next to the escalators. We went past a shoe store; appliance store with the laptops, hologram projectors, VR goggles, cell phone; pet store. We walked around the jewel store and stepped onto the escalator to the second floor. Once we arrived at the second we turned right, past the perfume store and turned left into the jewel and accessory store called Yiahqahi.
Again Yahalangra grabbed me by the hand. She led me to a display of various necklaces. One showed Alpha Centauri overlapping Beta Centauri, the two suns that Segaria orbits. There was one showing a bronze conifer; a larqroe which was an electrocrine wolf, that is these wolves could actually shoot out electricity from their front paws and mouth, a feature of the electrocrine class. There was a silver owl; one showing dark blue and sky blue beads; one with red elongated beads.
Yahalangra took me to a counter with various bracelets; some made of weaved leather, one of red beads, orange beads, one containing a feather. She put on a bracelet showing red triangles arranged in squares and said "What do you think, honey? Nice. Isn't it?"
"Yes," I replied "It's lovely".
"Shall I buy …"
Her smile faded as she looked towards the entrance of the store. I looked in the direction she was looking. My heart was thumping hard as I recognised Mother Supreme and her three henchmen entering the store. Yahalangra walked past me so that she stood between me and Supreme. I knew that Supreme was a dangerous alien woman as she tried to takeover earth a few years ago. But she escaped in her space time machine as Miss and the Free Earth squad closed in on her.
"Supreme!" said Yahalangra with her teeth clenched. 600 volt balls of electricity formed in the palms of her hands.
"Hand Andrew over to me" demanded Supreme. Supreme was a rogue time traveller who betrayed the Superion Empire and took off with one of their space time machines. She had long brown hair that went down to her waist and wore a red and silver dress. She had a tall lanky build.
I recognised her three henchmen from the news that I watched the other night. There was Maru Drong, a tall strongly built man in his late twenties with close cropped blonde hair and cold blue eyes. He was Supreme's right hand man. There was Daveda Gora, a strongly built man with light purple skin and orange hair. He was Supreme's General who was in his forties with a grumpy look on his face. Then there was Yasaga Gueraro, Supreme's head of security with blonde hair and a big chest. He was mean and ugly.
"Stay away from my boyfriend, Supreme!" warned Yahalanga. The balls of electricity becoming larger and more brighter as she amped up the voltage in her hands.
"Get out of my store, now!" yelled the shopkeeper as she walked out from behind the counter and stepped towards Supreme and her henchmen, 900 volt balls of electricity forming in the palms of her hands.
I could see that Supreme's three henchmen were scared of the young Segarian females. Their eyes wide open, a concerned look on their faces. Supreme, on the other hand, did not seem frightened. She had no expression on her face.
"Maru, get him!" ordered Supreme.
Maru gulped before he stepped into the store towards us. Yahalangra raised her arms and zapped Maru with the palms of her hands. Maru collapsed on the floor as he went into a spasm.
Yahalangra grabbed my hand and said "Come on" as she dragged me of out the store, past Supreme and her two remaining henchmen, and down the escalator to the first floor. Once we reached the first floor, we turned right and ran towards the exit. I heard a thud behind us as one of the henchmen jumped off the second floor balcony onto the ground behind us. Then he ran after us.
We exited the mall, running around the fountain and stopped on the other side of the fountain as we turned around. Daveda lept over the fountain. Yahalangra formed 800 volts of electricity in her hands, raised her arms and zap! Yahalangra electrocuted Daveda right on the chest. He went into a spasm, falling into the fountain thereby causing his body to go into a full convulsion as the electricity spread through the water.
Daveda gave out an agonising scream. Yasaga ran around the fountain and pointed his trusty photon grenade cannon at us. Yahalangra formed 700 volts of electricity in her hands, raised her arms and zapped his photon grenade launcher, causing him to drop it on the ground. Yasaga's eyes popped open. He ran back into the mall as Yahalangra produced more electricity from the palms of her hands. Yahalangra zapped Yasaga in the back of the neck, his body going into a full convulsion as he collapsed on his back.
Supreme ran out of the mall just as Yasaga fell on his back. The Segarian police came and handcuffed him. I followed Yahalangra around the fountain as she formed more electricity in her hands.
"Get away from my boyfriend, bitch!"screamed Yahalangra.
Mother Supreme ran back into the mall. Yahalangra struck her on the back, causing Supreme to collapse on her back, screaming in agony as the electricity paused through her body. Yahalangra walked up to Supreme who laid splayed on the ground.
"Mess with my boyfriend, will you!" screamed Yahalangra as electricity formed in her hands. "Don't you ever touch him again! Do you hear me, bitch?"
"I'll take her from here" said a Segarian detective as the two police officers dragged Supreme off the ground and handcuffed her. She was traumatised, her skin pale, her eyes dimmed, as they took her away. "We'll send her to Jitolia to face the Galactic Federal Court of Justice".
"Thank you," said Yahalangra with a smile "I better go and console my boyfriend. He looks traumatised".
I stood watching Supreme being taken away in handcuffs. I was shaking. I felt numb all over. Yahalangra walked up to me and hugged me. I hugged her back, tears streaming down my cheeks.
"There, there," said Yahalangra. "Shhh. Let it all out".

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