Death Becomes Her (Chapter One)

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Debilitated by life, Jennifer Utah resorts to suicide. Nine days after failing in her attempt, she is roused from a coma only to discover that no one seems to have noticed her absence. Though in hidden depression, Jennifer attempts to continue her normal lifestyle of being left alone, but instead finds her life slowly changing; brought about by her best friend; popular football player, Noah Humphries. After being introduced to Spencer Brooke, she begins to experience feelings that she had long forgotten. Surrounded by new faces, and finally discovering a different side to her world with both love and confusion; Jennifer is left to choose between life or death before fate catches up on her.

Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Submitted: August 19, 2016



I forage for the meager steel slice of cold metal, inciting a carnage of organised belongings into disarray. The ailing muscle in my chest imprisoned within the fragile bones of my rib cage, slamming arduously in the pursuit of liberation from it's empty vessel. I no longer feel nor taste the bitterness of my tears as the river runs toward the hole that is my blackened smile. My palms feel heavy, overcome with the shade of crimson that numbs my senses. I hear nothing but the quickening pace of my breath as I take my hand from inside the wooden drawer. Light dances on the surface of the frore, metallic razor entwined between my fingertips. I take one breath in, poison almost filling the volume capacity of my languishing lungs. And slice.
Small weights hang heavily on my eyelids. Waiting a few minutes to regain my strength, I finally conjure up sufficient energy to open my eyes. I'm in a vision of white. Initially blurry, my eyes soon focus to the surroundings and I realise that I am in my bedroom, alone. I see a bandage tightly wrapped around my forearm, shortly to discover a partially deflated, holographic balloon attached to my wrist; "Get well soon!" written obnoxiously in bold across the pitiful act of benevolence. I lay my head back down disappointed, staring up at the ceiling. My eyes swell up with the tears that force themselves from behind. This was not due to my ungratified response to their gift. My heart ached in the thought that neither my family nor my friends had even cared enough to stay with me during my slumber, leaving me alone as I was found. For this feeling of misfortune was one that I had almost gotten used to. The door from across me slowly creaks open. An unfamiliar tall man in formal wear with a glass of water and pill bottles in hand enters the room and continues walking straight toward my bedside.
"Hello Jennifer, it's nice to see you're finally awake. I'm doctor Reynolds."
I'm hesitant, then with my right arm I hold out my hand to exchange greetings, "Where are my parents? H-How did you get in here?"
"They've actually just left for work and I've just been here to give you some medication and keep an eye on you." the doctor keeps a hold of my hand, placing it gently over his. His initial friendly expression soon darkens. "Exactly nine days ago you had an accident Jennifer, and I can only concur that you are suffering from..." the doctor's words run faint through my mind; like an endless script that I keep hearing over and over. It is nothing new. I look down at the bandage around my arm, barely paying attention to his words. He proceeds to tell me about what had occurred; I was found almost lifeless on my living room floor, taken to the hospital where I was treated and issued a two week stay, but my parents had me transferred home after the second day. I have been in a coma until today. The man continues to talk, but I stop listening. Finishing his visit, Dr. Reynolds aids me in taking two different tablets before leaving the room and shutting the door behind him. It's 6:34am. Alone, I untie the balloon from my wrist finally experiencing the drugs taking over my body.
I grab the keys to my Jeep and traipse hastily out of the house, swiftly collecting an ebon jacket that hangs lifeless on a coat hanger and close the front door behind me. The sun is blinding, the heat intoxicating. I inhale deeply before entering the vehicle, and reverse out of the driveway. I drive to school in silence, conjuring up different answers to contrasive questions I'd be asked about my 'accident'.  I feel for the phone in my bag sat in the passenger seat, taking it out. 'Two new messages from Mom and Dad'. Over a week since the incident and my friends didn't attempt to ask if I was alright. I sink into the seat, throwing the phone back into the bag with a dire pain in my stomach. I am disheartened thinking of such high expectations; my friends wouldn't notice if I disappeared for a month. I gaze at the white bandage around my arm; they probably won't even notice this. 'Kensington Academy High School' engraved in decrepit stone above the entrance comes into view. I drive through the gates to the students parking area, finding a segregated spot away from the public eye. I park beside a white Land Rover hiding in the shade of the school's oak tree at the corner of the concrete square. Windows tinted, rims of pure silver accentuating the clean body of the four-by-four. I don't recognise who it belongs to. I grab my bag, put on the jacket and leave the Jeep. I hear the sound of a car door open and close behind me.
"Utah, wait up!" Noah stops at my left side. I look up at him, the glare of the sun masking his face only to show a silhouette. He leans over, light glinting from an ocean within the resplendence of his eyes.
"You know I was beginning to think I knew you well enough to recognise your car."
The boy grins, naturally running a hand through his russet hair. "These past nine years haven't gone to waste. That's Brooke's, family friend of mine that's moved here from Canada."
"That's pretty nice of them to give you a ride."
"Yeah he's a good guy, basically an older brother to me; except without all the fighting and arguments, you know? Couldn't be happier to have him around."
I take a glimpse back at the Land Rover as it reverses and drives away. I couldn't see the driver. The bell rings. Noah and I have registration together, we enter the building and make our way down the hallway to Mr Miller's classroom.
"Late again, Mr Humphries? One more and you'll be spending the rest of your summer making up for it."
"As long as it's spent with you Sir, I can't think of much better."
"Don't dream on it."
The entire class snickers. Noah and I take our seats at the back of the class.
"He never notices you, the blind old man."
"No one really does." I sigh quietly under my breath.
Noah turns his head not hearing what I just said; slouching into his seat, hands rested behind his head, initiating general chat with Sam and Elliot who sit nearby. As I usually have, I spend the rest of insipid mornings exchanging glances with the antiquated clock-face fixed directly above the whiteboard. I stopped participating in inconsequential social conversations with my classmates after realising that the majority only desired to talk about themselves; no one really cares about how you're doing or what you're thinking about.
"Utah, watch me do football tryouts at lunch." I hesitate. "I'm not asking."
"Yeah, I'll be there." The bell for first period rings.
Noah stands up, messing up my hair with his abnormally large hands. "And don't be late." I watch him walk out of the room in a mass crowd of his peers. The class is already substantially more quiet. I wait as a few students enter, though an exiguous overall number. Mr Miller closes the door and Physics officially begins. I throw my head in my hands, waiting for the hour to pass. Elle Manning takes her usual seat beside me where Noah had been. I notice straight away that she is missing her oversized glasses, and blue wired braces. She catches me staring.
"Well, how do I look?"
"Elle, it's like you're a completely different person."
"It's great isn't it? I feel like I might even get approached by guys now!"
She even sounds different; somewhat happier, and more confident. "Y-yeah, I mean if that's what you're going for. Of course they will."
She flashes a set of perfect white teeth before turning her attention to her bag, pulling out a shade of scarlet lipstick and a compact mirror; different to her usual pile of textbooks and disorganised pockets of school necessities.
"How's Noah doing anyways?" her words inaudible from the application.
"Sorry? I didn't understand that."
"Noah Humphries. The really cute guy you're always with? You know tall, amazing build, has the nicest smile ever; his dimples go right through me."
"Noah, he's... okay, I guess? He's actually got football tryouts at lunch if you want to go watch him?"
"Of course!" Elle squeals. Mr Miller stops in his tracks to gives us a stern look, Elle and I become silent in response. We don't speak for the rest of the hour, quietly taking notes from the given textbook; how I generally spend my lessons. The bell rings for break. I collect my belongings and walk out of the classroom with Elle by my side.
"So Jennifer, where should I meet you for lunch?"
"The bleachers beside the field should be the spot. It's right in front of the campus library."
"I know where that is, I'll see you there!"
"See you." I wave her off. I'm reminded by the obvious bandage on my wrist as it catches my eye, and pull the sleeve of my jacket down. Still no one has noticed. A group of my friends walk by directly in front of me, not one of them turning my way for a greeting. I'm invisible. I can feel my tears pushing up from underneath my eyes and the hole in my stomach sink deeper. I run toward the exit, my head fixated on the ground. I'm outside of the building, I can see my car in sight and walk faster. I open the door, sit down in the seat and I break down. I hug the steering wheel, suffocating the cries that escape my mouth. Tears soaking my face. I feel so worthless and unwanted, lonely and empty all at once. I am so sick of hurting, I don't want to be here. I breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling in even counts. I calm down; you're going to be okay. I take a few minutes to allow the words to overrun my mind. I wipe the tears from my cheeks and reapply necessary makeup to cover up the damage. The bell signals for the ending of break just as I finally clear my head. The empty feeling leaves me, and I walk to the campus library for an hour of supervised study; my sanctuary. The facility is the only place where sitting alone and not having to engage in activities associated with the social norms, just reading and listening to music is acceptable; the only place I really fit in. The hour quickly passes; time always cut short with the things I enjoy most. I am last to leave my seat, I walk toward the exit and notice a piece of paper stuck to the back of the door entrance, it reads "Now hiring for library staff; students needed. Great for extra credit and will receive reasonable pay! If interested, please see Mrs Peters at the desk." Feeling uplifted, my hand reaches out to grab the sheet when abruptly my phone comes alive. It's a text from Noah asking where I am. I look back once more at the sheet and decide that I will come back later. I run to the bleachers and spot Elle by herself amongst the crowd of teenagers, I sit down beside her.
"There you are Jennifer! I was almost beginning to think you had forgotten all about me."
"Sorry, I got caught up at the library. I think they're looking for students to help out with the books."
Elle turns away from me to face the field, uninterested in the topic. "That's nice." Although annoyed, I try not to let my face show it. "While I've been waiting I've been trying to identify which one Noah is, but I still haven't gotten used to seeing with these contacts yet."
I scan the players and spot Noah just as he sees me. He starts waving, I reciprocate. "Look, that one over there, number 23."
"Oh, yes I see him! My man looks so hot in his football gear."
"Your man?"
"Well obviously he isn't mine right now, but we'll see what happens." Once again she shows off her perfect set of whites, giggling to herself. I'm struggling to focus on the tryouts, confused about how the girl could be so infatuated with someone she'd never even met. She's fixated on him, eyes refusing to focus on anything else. I look back at Noah who is dominating the field, his throws are effortless and runs in two metre strides. It isn't long before I find myself doing the same thing. And with every touchdown, he glances back at me; as if to ensure I had witnessed his achievements. After thirty minutes of tryouts, game time ends; score 21:7 to Noah's team. Along with a few of his teammates, Noah walks toward the bleachers where Elle and I sit. I can hear the girl's breathing rate quicken.
"Did you see me out there, Utah?" He sits himself beside me, face plastered with a great smile. We are surrounded by his friends who remain almost silent, listening.
"You were really amazing, you'll definitely get on the team."
"That's exactly what Coach said to me before I came over here, he thinks I might even be good enough to be quarterback!" I embrace him to show my contentment. "Thanks Utah, I'm really glad you came, starting to think you're my lucky charm. I'm going to have to get you to come to every one of my games."
Elle shoves me back, "I thought you were amazing too, Noah!"
I balance myself straight up back onto my seat, Noah looks at me concerned. "Who's this?" he mouths.
"Eleanor Manning, but everyone calls me Elle." the girl forces a hand out, Noah initially looks hesitant before finally participating in the greeting.
"Well thank you, Elle, nice to meet you. I appreciate you watching the game with my girl here." once again he takes a palm to my head and messes up my hair. "It's nice to have a few supporters."
"Yeah I totally know what you mean Noah, you can always rely on me to back you up."
"That's cool, I guess I'll be seeing more of you at my games then."
I can't help but feel awkward sitting between the two as the atmosphere changes.
"I won't be missing one! You can count on that."
"Great, as long as you remember to bring my lucky charm here, I don't want to have a game without her." he turns his attention back to me with the same initial smile on his face. I remain quiet.
"Y-yeah, I mean of course I'll bring Jennifer."
Noah wraps an arm around my shoulder, pulling me in. "Thanks Elle, I like you already."
I look back at Elle's face, she is smiling but her eyes display anger; frustration that I felt is directed at me. One of Noah's teammates finally speak up, "Noah, the beach party."
"Right, thanks for reminding me. Utah, to celebrate today's success everyone's going to the beach later tonight, you have to come."
I look down avoiding his eyes, "I don't know Noah, I think I'm pretty busy tonight."
"Oh come on, I know you well enough to know that means you'll just be studying. You can miss one night of boredom to hang out with your best pal." I refuse to budge. "You can even bring Elle."
"Really? I can come?" Elle is almost in shock. Noah nods. "Jennifer please come? I need you with me."
"See, we all want you there. Tell you what, I'll swing by your house at seven tonight and pick you two up. That sound good to you?"
I raise my head back up to find them all staring at me, Elle nudging me from the side, "Fine." I sigh. "I can't promise I'll be staying long though."
"That's great!" Noah cheering almost too excitedly. "We'll see what happens, see you later."
"Can't wait!" Elle almost jumping out of her seat. Noah stands up and leaves with his group.
"Nice to meet you, I like you already, you can bring Elle." the girl squeals, "Noah Humphries totally digs me!"
I don't know how to respond.
"Oh my, I need to think of what to wear, how I'm going to do my hair; I need to look the best that boy's ever seen!" she searches her bag and pulls out a phone. "Jennifer, what's your number? I'll need it for tonight."
It took me a few seconds to follow up on what she had been rambling about until I finally told her my details. I miss the feeling of excitement. I have not felt the need to try in anything other than school for a long time; to me this party was just another waste of my time to just be ignored. The bell for next period rings. I wave goodbye to Elle as she makes her way to her next subject, and I have finished. I make my way toward the Jeep when I suddenly remember the hiring sheet at the library. I quickly turn back. I enter the building, grab the sheet and find an old woman with square framed glasses sitting at the front desk.
"Excuse me, Mrs Peters?" she doesn't hear me. "Mrs Peters?" I say louder.
She finally notices me, "Please be quiet dear, this is a library." I try my best not to look annoyed, straining a smile. "What can I do for you?"
"I'm here for one of the library positions available." I place the sheet on the wooden desk.
"How lovely, one of two who actually volunteered for these positions; the other four are paying off for trouble you see, but I can't complain, it's about time I got some help around here with my old age." Mrs Peters continues to ramble on as she attains a single piece papers from one of the drawers in front of her, "Just fill this out this dear and come straight back to me once you're done." I do just that, soon handing the sheet back to her. "Thank you, Miss Utah?" I nod. "What a lovely name. I'll put this away, you can start anytime this week, just come see me. Now if you have any questions feel free to ask whenever."
"Actually I do have one now, who is the other volunteer?"
"That's fine dear. He's a nice young fellow, likes to come in here a lot, Peyton Nolan I think his name is."
"Ah I see, thank you Mrs Peters." I don't recognise the name. I leave the building and make my way back to the car. I start the engine, reverse out of the parking spot and exit the metal gates. I feel slightly liberated. I head straight home, no detours. The roads are quiet with most people at either at work or school, I enjoyed having everyday of my last two periods free. It was the best opportunity for me to be away from everyone; the way it's always been. I enter my driveway and turn the engine off. I leave the car taking my things with me, I turn the handle to the front door and enter the house.
"Jenny?" I hear dad call from the kitchen. I find him busy at the stove with an apron on, I stand by the door frame. "How are you feeling my beautiful girl?"
"I'm fine dad."
He slowly walks toward me with arms out and hugs me. "You know so many people care about you, we all love you very much Jenny. You had your mother and I so worried."
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be silly honey, you have nothing to be sorry about. We'll help you get through this."
"Thanks dad, love you."
He hugs me tightly once more before letting me go. We sit down opposite one another at the kitchen table, we eat together and talk endlessly. It's already three o'clock in the afternoon when we finally stop. I tell him about my plans for tonight before leaving him, dragging myself up the marble staircase and enter my room. I push the glass doors to the balcony forward and let the cool air overrun the warmth that had rested before. I collapse onto my bed, pull the covers over myself and close my eyes.
A few hours pass and I am woken up by Elle ringing my phone. She's coming over early. I am nowhere near prepared, and I don't rush either. Half awake, I stumble to the bathroom and take a shower. After fifteen minutes, I wrap a towel around myself and proceed to follow my normal routine of letting my hair dry naturally. I turn on my laptop and set a playlist to get ready to. It's 6:35pm when the doorbell rings and my dad lets Elle into my room. She's sporting a racy camisole top in deep red complementary to the shade of lipstick she has chosen, a short black pleated mini skirt and kitten heels.
"Jennifer you're not even dressed yet, Noah's going to be here any minute!" she stresses pacing back and forth across the room.
"I'll literally be two minutes, there's no rush; Noah's never been on time for anything in his life."
"I guess you know him the best." she finally sits down at the bottom of my bed.
I walk to my closet, pull out a simple white long sleeved shirt to cover up my arm along with my usual denim ripped jeans, and dress myself in the bathroom. I finish within minutes. "Done."
"You look very... cute." Elle states unconvincingly. I force a smile in response. "Jennifer we are going to the beach." You should go to a mirror and say that. "It'll be warm, and there'll be hot guys there. Here, I've got something for you." she pulls out a pair of denim shorts from her bag and throws it at me to catch, "try them on."
I hold the shorts out in front of me with both hands, I look back at Elle staring at me pleadingly.
"They wouldn't suit me-"
"Jennifer, don't say another word until you've tried them on." she points at the bathroom door and I reluctantly follow. I get changed not having time to look at myself in the mirror before Elle calls for me once more. "You look great!"
"I can't wear these. I hate my legs-" the doorbell rings. My dad calls up from the bottom of the stairs telling me Noah is here. He's actually early.
"Looks like it's too late to change, come on!" Elle pulls my arm just as I grab my phone and drags me down the stairs. Noah is stood by the front door catching up with my dad; addressing him through first name basis. After acknowledging our presence they say their goodbyes, and we leave the house. Noah and I walk toward the main road with Elle trailing behind in her heels.
"Shorts, huh? That's a change." I give him a stern look. "A good change, Utah, I think you look nice; you should wear them more often."
"Because you of all people said that, this will probably be the last time I'll ever wear shorts."
"Oh my god, you're so much work."
I stick my tongue out at the boy, he tries to look annoyed but eventually gives in to joining my smile. The three of us stop by the road. It's not long before the white Range Rover I had seen earlier appears and stops beside us.
I turn to Noah confused, "Your friend's driving us?"
"Yeah Brooke doesn't mind, the kid's got nothing else to do anyways." the tinted window closest to Noah's face suddenly lowers down revealing the guy behind the name.
"Are you guys planning on coming in or should I just leave now?" his voice is low, yet also soft in his teasing. It's a pleasant sound. But I realised very soon that nothing could compare to the boy's smile; genuine and uplifting in itself. Noah opens the door for Elle and I to enter the car, before sitting down in the front passenger seat, and we are on our way.
Noah sits with his seat reclined back and legs half crossed. "Girls this is Brooke."
"It's Spencer actually, Spencer Brooke. This guy just thinks he knows me well enough to start giving me nicknames, truth is I don't even know the kid." I place a hand over my lips to stop myself from laughing, but instead catch the stranger's glance from the rear view mirror; eyes of true hazel under dark thick brows, almost hidden by the parting of his blonde hair. I quickly look away. Elle laughs obnoxiously at every skit of humour that come from the boys. The three continue to talk amongst themselves as I decide to stare out of the window. I stay silent, focusing all of my attention on the ever changing sky. A reflection of the sea innocent blue, touched by the sun turns a gentle lilac. A spectrum of beauty that only I seem to find upmost celestial. I am caught in a daydream.
"You seem a little quiet there Utah, you alright?" Noah turns in his seat to look at me.
I nod, "Just waiting for the sky to catch up with my mood."
"We should be there any minute now, hold tight."
And Noah is right. We arrive at the designated parking area, an endless array of cars thrown at every inch of space but we manage to find an empty spot. Leaving the car, Noah leads the way just in front of me with Elle by his side. Spencer is last. A cluster of palms form a natural arch that show the pathway to the isolated beach. We follow it, soon hearing music playing at full volume from speakers placed around the section of sand they claim. We pass into the clearing and find everyone already there, the presence of Noah has them all cheering; raising their red cups in unison and embracing him as he walks through. I fall back, watching the crowd consume his body before disappearing from view. I stop in my tracks, I feel slightly anxious and allow myself to be alone for a few minutes.
"Not your kind of scene?" Spencer's voice suddenly comes from behind; his dulcet tone embraces the air like the evening perfume of night flowers.
I look up to face him as he towers over me, "You could say that." I turn my head toward the direction of the sea, the gentle movement of the waves making me feel at ease.
"If it helps, Noah was really excited about you coming out tonight, the kid won't stop talking about you." I can't help but smile, butterflies in my stomach. "It is Utah right?"
"It's Jennifer actually, Jennifer Utah."
Spencer begins to laugh, placing a palm to his face before holding it out for a greeting, "Well it's nice to meet you, Jennifer Utah." The definition of his chiselled jawline becoming more prominent with every word. His hand is soft, yet almost genial to touch; though looking at him smile was much more. "You too, Spencer Brooke."
Out of nowhere, Noah's voice comes shouting from the far right side of the beach next to shore. He is signalling for us to come over, surrounded by a small group of people.
Spencer waves back allowing me to catch a glimpse of his toned stomach as his shirt lifts, "I think he wants us over there."
I'm hesitant, folding my arms over my torso, "You'd better go ahead, I'm just going to stay here for a bit and then I'll be right up." I lie.
"No you won't." He holds a firm grip on my forearm and begins to walk toward the group, I reluctantly follow; his strength preventing me to show any form of restraint. Spencer doesn't let go of my arm until we are standing amongst the circle of people. Noah appears with red cups in hand, forcing it into ours. "Drinking buddies!" the boy cheers, the smell of alcohol staining his words.
Spencer tries to hand him back the cup, "Dude, you know I'm driving. I can't."
"When did you get so boring Brooke?" Noah whines, grabbing the cup and shoving it at me, "you'll have to make up for it." I stand motionless, unaware of what to do; both cups in either hand. I look back up at Noah for direction, "Drink up, Utah. It's the rules."
Defeated, I take to the first cup in my right hand; despite the taste, it doesn't take me long to finish. I hear an uproar of cheering only to realise that it was for me. At once, I notice a familiar squeal amongst the crowd. Elle embraces me from behind, consequently throwing the second drink from my hand directly at Spencer. He is showered in the cheap beer within seconds. Surprisingly the crowd become even more hyped; alcohol overriding their system.
"Oops, sorry!" Elle slurs, barely able to stand on her own.
Spencer attempts to wipe himself dry, the wet shirt clinging to his chest, "I think I'm just going to head back to the car and dry off."
"Don't be gone too long!" Noah calls out to him walking back to the parking area.
Still clinging onto my back, Elle breathes heavily into my ear, "Jennifer, I'm so drunk." Noah peels her off me, holding the unstable girl by the shoulders.
"I leave you guys for ten minutes, and look what's happened?"
"The chic's only had one cup. I've never known such a lightweight."
"I don't think she's ever been out like this before, it's her first time drinking."
"Seriously?" Suddenly Elle passes out into Noah's arms, he grabs her legs and lifts her up with ease.
"That's it, we're taking her home now."
Noah laughs at me mockingly, "It's cute that you actually think we'll do that, but I've got a better option." he lays her down on a blanket shared by a group on the sand, asking them to keep an eye on her before turning back to me, "see, she'll be fine."
Still annoyed, I fold my arms, "She'll be fine when she's at home, safe in bed."
"Don't be such a bore, Utah. Here, I've got some people I'd like you to meet."
I follow him to a less crowded section of the beach, the music becoming more faint as we venture further. The sand soon turning into stacks of flat rock. Eventually I see a few guys standing by the rocks edge jumping twenty feet into the water one after the other. I grab Noah's arm to stop him, "You know I can't swim, I think I should head back." They spot Noah and wave us over.
He places a hand over mine, "You won't have to swim, just come hang out by the rocks and meet the guys."
A familiar face, one of his teammates from earlier is first to greet us. Black hair styled messily, obviously wet from the sea. Wearing nothing but board shorts like the rest of the group. Looking at them, it was clear to see that they were athletes.
"It's about time Humphries." the two boys embrace one another.
"Yeah sorry about that, I was just a bit preoccupied," Noah falls back and pushes me in front of him, "wanted to introduce you guys to my girl."
The stranger looks down at me, light of the sun glinting in his eyes the colour of an emerald sea; the most catching feature to him. "Yeah I know who this is, it's Jennifer right? We used to have English Lit. together." I don't remember. "I used to sit two rows behind you, between- you know what that doesn't matter, I'm Jared." I see the nervousness in his smile, a twitch in the corner of his left eye.
"I think I remember you," I lie, "but I'm just surprised you remember English Lit. those lessons used to drag."
Jared starts to laugh, his body language opening up, "Yeah, I thought the same. I just had to focus my attention on something else."
"And what was that?"
Once again the boy becomes guarded, almost stuttering, "Ah you know, just stuff, anything really." I nod in response, attempting to display empathy.
"School stuff, boring!" despite the height difference Noah places either arm around Jared and I, "I expected more from you, Jared." He takes us to the edge of the rocks, before quickly taking his shirt off and tackling Jared into the sea with him. I watch as the guys dive into the water. I am left alone but not for long. An unfamiliar group come from the opposite side of the rocks; they are loud and appear rough; carrying glass bottles of beer in hand. They soon spot me and begin shouting harassment. I look for Noah and Jared in the water but find that they are already swimming away toward the shore, unable to see me in distress. I turn to the group of teenagers, they have already surrounded me. I have my back to the rocks edge, unable to find a clear way out. In a state of panic, I begin breathing heavily.
The leader of the group takes a step forward towards me, his face bristled with hair as dark as his eyes, "Pretty girl like you shouldn't be standing alone in a dangerous place like this." his voice husky, as though he had been smoking all of his life. I could see that they were all intoxicated.
"Leave me alone!" I shout, taking a step back. I see the cliff end out of the corners of my eyes, I know that I can't go further.
The group laugh amongst themselves at my plea. Another steps forward, thinner in build with a head fully shaven, "Now, don't be like that you little skank!"
My heart is racing. I don't know what to do. The first guy aggressively grabs at my bandaged forearm causing me to cry out in agony, "Don't act like you don't like being treated like a slut!"
I hear a shout come from the shoreline. Noah and his teammates are running towards where I am. I turn back to the guy, his eyes full of hate. Blood begins to stain the sleeve of my shirt. He forcefully lets go of my arm, pushing me back as his group run away. I feel the muscle in my chest seize to beat as my body is thrown back into a free fall. Time slows down. Once again I am staring up at the sky, unable to admire it's beauty, waiting for the impact; how an admiration could suddenly turn into distress within seconds. The body of water hits my back and I am soon submerged. My sight impaired by the ocean, I see a figure jump toward me from the cliff edge.

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