The Long Night

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A 47 line poem based on two sentences!

Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Submitted: August 19, 2016



The Long Night



Into the dark

Ink throated.


Is the night silent?

Thin sighs entitle


This, she entitling

To dare think.


Hair knotted

In lithe tightness


Its length then is

To read. Think


Era dot.think

The night is silent?


It is, then lightens

Knit earth. Do


Die, thank, rot.

Let in the insights,


Enlighten. It's this

Taker, not hid.


It thanked or

Tithe. In lightness,


Ten lithe insights—

Darken to hit


Hint taker, do

Hit. She's entitling.


This is it: lengthen

Inked throat


To kind heart.

In stilts heighten.


His tits enlighten.

Do rite: thank.


To ride: thank,

Sit, shit, enlighten.


Let high insistent



Drink! Eat! Hot

Nights entitle hi's!


Nil tits heightens

(Oh, tit ranked


It ranked hot).

Thin slit seething,


Thigh sentinel, it's

Hot art. Inked


To dearth, ink.

The night is silent.


Hi! Trot naked

Into the dark.


Dare to think!

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