Powering Through

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Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Submitted: August 19, 2016



It was only about a hundred years since the evolution of what we now know as our Powers came about. The full name for this occurrence is also referred to as Personality Powers but nobody calls them that anymore. Every person on this planet that had been born in the last 100 years or so began developing these Powers that correlated with one’s personality. Some people only have one Power type while there are others that are capable of developing up to three different types. It is still unknown why some people develop only one while others have three but it’s still being studied to this day. Since the birth of these abilities, rules had to be put in place in order to keep the peace between everyone. Human behaviour has been evolving since the beginning of mankind and one of the worst traits that we developed is Greed. Humans have always had the tendency to want more and more power. The one way to establish power is through money. Betting rings that made humans with lesser Powers fight against the strong were developed soon after Powers were beginning to become accepted in society. This manifestation of greed placed upon the weak was the number one reason for these rules. The basic concept being that no two or more people are to fight against each other when money is being handled. To make sure these rules are being followed, Power Guards have been given the job to record any fights that may occur, put an end to them and charge a penalty fee for breaking the rules.

Now that you’re all caught up, let me tell you my story of how I ended up developing all three Powers. Mind you, I had already discovered my two Powers when I was only a small child, which is around the time that most people would discover them so I thought I was over that stage of discovery, but apparently not. My name is Samantha but I like when people refer to me as Sam. I’m in my final year of college so I’m a student that doesn’t have time to be worrying about these Power Problems, as I’d like to call them. I was gifted with the Power of controlling water and then the more problematic Power of healing. The problem with this second power is that it is sought after by the people who manage to beat the system and open up underground fighting rings. Having a “healer” gives them the advantage for fights to constantly be going on and make even more money. Therefore, whenever I’m asked what type of Power I have, I don’t mention my healing Powers at all. People with only one Power are considered “poor” in the eyes of other people so you have to choose your friends carefully nowadays. You don’t want to end up making friends with some judgmental people who will sell you out in the long run.

My journey, if it’s even considered that, started on a Wednesday morning. My first lecture of many that day was at 10am so the alarm was set 2 hours earlier. My usual morning routine of having breakfast, getting dressed, and fixing the thick auburn hair of mine went off without a hitch as usual. My half hour walk to the college was when things started getting worst. I’m taking my usual route when I see at the corner of my eye, five young boys circling what seemed like a short slightly chubbier kid. It was obvious what was about to happen and I knew I didn’t want to get involved in this at all. I’d just get in trouble and have to pay a fine, which I certainly cannot afford since I’m living on a student salary. I carry on walking because this was the last thing I needed to worry about. I stop abruptly at the sound of a screech, “Leave me alone!”. The young child being bullied and picked on knew best not to start a fight otherwise he’d be getting in trouble too. His tactic sounded like screaming “leave me alone” and “somebody help me” until someone does come to his rescue. It’s early in the morning and not many people are around but those who are don’t dare approach the circle of bullies. “Goddamn it”, I whisper under my breath as I approach what could have possibly been one of my worst decisions yet.

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