Powering Through

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3

Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Submitted: August 19, 2016



Shit, I used up way too much energy. I’m not used to fighting and just doing so little really took it out of me. I take my sandwich that I made for lunch and ate it quickly. The people walking on the other side of the road look like they’re seeing someone eat for the first time in days so I’m not surprised that they kept walking away in such a hurried pace. Once I feel better, I sigh and look at my empty bottle. Great, now I need to fill this up before my lecture. As soon as I finished thinking that sentence, I start to panic. It’s already 20 past 10 and I’ve already missed part of my first lecture. “Damn it!”, I groan. I compose myself and walk the opposite direction of the college. There was no way I was going into college looking like this and already 20 minutes late.

It takes me another 20 minutes to get back home and as soon as I’m in the door, my housemate Rachel greets me from the kitchen. She’s still cooking her breakfast. I remember her mentioning that she had a lecture with me at noon today so she was in no rush to go anywhere just yet. Lucky girl. “Hey! What are you doing back so early?”, She looks at me and frowns when she sees my clothes all dirty. “Oh it’s nothing! I fell down on the way to class because I was running late so I thought I’d make a run for it, but fell as I was crossing the road. I decided to come home and change and maybe make the noon lecture with you later.” I made an attempt to laugh it off. She looked worried and looked like she was about to bombard me with questions on whether I was okay but I stopped her before she could say anything, “I’m fine, honestly. Just need to take a quick shower and compose myself again before heading out”. I blow her a kiss before going upstairs to my room. I see her smile before heading back into the kitchen to finish making her breakfast.

Two weeks after the incident happened, I’d nearly completely forgotten about it. That was until one Friday afternoon. I felt considerably lazy so I decided to take the bus into my first and only lecture that day. I had just gotten off the bus when I was greeted by a young man. I felt like I recognised him. He was only a few inches taller than me and had thin black hair. His nose slightly bigger than the norm but it fit the rest of his features well. I assumed he just wanted to walk past me so I move to the left so he could pass by. He clears his throat and looks me straight in the eyes. I felt incredibly uncomfortable and didn’t want to stay there a minute longer. “I’m afraid I can’t let you go anywhere just yet”, the young man finally spoke. I looked at him in confusion and I was slowly starting to understand what was about to unfold. “My name is Matt and I’m with the Power Guards Corporation. I was assigned to you by an official to explain the severity of your situation”. Shit, I was right. “We were informed by several anonymous individuals that you were using your Powers in a fight on the morning of Wednesday the 12th. Several complaints were given and we were unable to ignore these complaints due to the circumstances”. I opened my mouth ready to explain my situation and what exactly went down that morning but I decided otherwise. I knew exactly what going to happen if I was to stand up for myself now. He was just going to ignore my story and give me a fine anyway. “What do I owe?”, I ask him defeated. He looked slightly surprised that I didn’t try and defend myself but continued with the job he was assigned to do. He takes out a pen and a small notebook and writes down a few things before handing it to me. “Sign here please”, he hands me the notebook and I sign. I look at the amount that I owed. “€350?! That’s insane, I don’t have that kind of money on me! I’m a student!”, I fought back at the unreasonable price. “I’m sorry Samantha, but that’s how much you owe. The situation showed that you were fighting against 5 people so the price goes up the more people that are involved in said fight”, the look on his face showed pity because he knew that €350 was too much for anyone to pay. “Look, I was just trying to help a young kid that was being picked on by these bullies. All I did was try and defend him! It’s not like anybody else around was going to help him, so I did what I had to do”, I finally defended myself. “I’m sorry Samantha, there’s nothing else I can do about this. You have a week to pay off your debt. Otherwise, we’re going to have to increase the amount as the weeks go by”. Anger starts boiling up inside me but I try to keep my cool as much as possible before replying. “I don’t have that kind of money. The most I can give you is €200 by next week. I still need to pay my rent so that’s the best I can do. I can pay the rest the following month. Is there anything you could do that can extend the deadline?”. He gives me the pity look again. “I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do, it’s out of my hands”. I sigh in defeat. “I’ll just have to pay what I can and just accept whatever you throw at me the next time you come and extort money out of me”, I give him an almost dirty look. “I don’t have the money on me at the moment but I can have it by Monday the earliest”. He gives me a small nod and instructions on where to meet him to deliver the money. Monday at 1 pm at the main office. “It’s Sam”, I add before we start walking in the direction of the college gate. He gives me a confused look before following behind me. “My name is Sam. You kept referring to me as Samantha but I like it when people call me Sam instead”. He gave a small smile and nodded, “Sam it is then”. We walked for another five minutes before we parted ways. 

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