Powering Through

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 4

Submitted: August 21, 2016

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Submitted: August 21, 2016



The journey to the main Office was a short one so I arrived there 10 minutes before my appointed time. The Office looked small from the outside which was painted a dark green with large black bold writing on the door frame reading “Power Office Corporation”. The door showed markings that made it look even more worn down. As soon as I walked in the door I get a sharp whiff of that book smell you sometimes get when walking into a library. If it wasn’t for this whole situation, I probably would have enjoyed that smell. But not today. The interior of the Office looked just as worn down as the outside. There are chairs on the left hand side and three different doors in front of me. Near the seating area, there lay a small window with a petite woman sitting behind it. I told her my name and that I was to meet Matt at 1 o’clock to deal with some business. “What type of business?”, the woman spoke in a harsh tone. “The paying a fine type of business”, I said in a hushed voice, even though it was only us in the room. She gave me a look as soon as I said the word “fine”. A mixture of disappointment and pity. “Matt isn’t available to see you today so you’re going to have to see Michael, our other Guard working today”. I felt slightly disappointed. Not because I wanted to see him but more so because he knew my side of the story. I didn’t feel like explaining it to this Michael guy. I gave the woman a small smile and nod, “That’s fine”. “Please take a seat and he’ll be with you shortly”. Christ, I feel like I’m in a hospital waiting to see a doctor. A few minutes later, a tall man with blond hair that fell just above his shoulders came out the first door. His hair was slightly unkept and had light blue highlights running through a few strands. What a crazy colour. He scanned the room before his eyes fell on me. He gave me a disconcerted look and told me to follow him through the door. Inside the room, there were only two chairs, one table between me and him and a filing cabinet beside him. Very 90s style. I snap out of my daydream as he cleared his throat. “So, I’m Michael and I’ll be dealing with you today. It says on your file that you were caught fighting five people on the morning of the 12th. It also says that you owe us a total of €200. The first instalment was already paid off the evening of the 29th”. I looked at him confused because I distinctly remember making a deal with Matt that I wasn’t going to be able to pay the whole fine in one go. “I’m sorry, I think you made a mistake. I haven’t paid any of my fine yet. Today was going to be my first instalment”, I explained with confusion still apparent on my face. Michael scrunched his nose before continuing, “It says here that an anonymous person came into the office the evening of the 29th and paid the first instalment. They didn’t want to leave their name and gave specific instructions to the Guard on duty that evening not to have their name mentioned. Do you wish to pay the remainder of the fine via cash or cheque?”. I was stunned by his lack of interest in this anonymous person but I didn’t question him any longer because it looked like he was about to lose his patience with me if I didn’t pay up and leave his office soon. I took out the money from my purse and hand it to him. I signed a piece of paper and before I knew it I was walking out the door. It wasn’t until I left the Office and a drop of sweat rolled down my back that I realised the difference in temperature between his room and outside. Maybe I was more nervous than I thought. My walk home consisted of me trying to figure out who this anonymous person was. I wasn’t going to let someone else pay my fine when I was perfectly capable of doing so myself. I wasn’t going to be able to pay the whole instalment in one go but I would have got there eventually. I was determined to find out why exactly did this and pay them back in full. As soon as I had the money that is. 

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