Powering Through

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 6

Submitted: August 22, 2016

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Submitted: August 22, 2016



For the past month and a half, I started getting closer to Matt and gotten to know him more. He was an engineer student that had to take up a part time job at the Power Office a few years ago. He didn’t like the job but it helped pay the bills. He lives at home with his mother and little brother, Tobey. Their father bailed out on them a few years ago so Matt was left to pick up the pieces and provide for his family alongside his mother. He wanted to quit studying but his mother was against it so they compromised. Being a science major, I didn’t see him much but whenever we had some free time, we were able to see each other. We were never stuck to find something to talk about so there was never a dull moment between us. I introduced him to Rachel and they got on really well. Rachel is a very judgemental person so I was happy when they were getting along. We had things in common and even had the “Power conversation”. Talking about one’s power isn’t something that you randomly discuss with a stranger. I found out that he was an air type and had the rare ability to predict the future. I was shocked when he told me. I asked him if he saw meeting me in one of his “visions”. He laughed when I referred them as visions. “I call them foresights and no I didn’t see you coming. It doesn’t work like you think it does. I need to really concentrate to be able to see a foresight. It takes up a lot of energy and I can only see about 5 minutes into the future so I don’t use that Power often”. I had never met anyone with such a unique Power so I was really captivated by him. I had really started to connect with him but I didn’t feel like telling him about my healing abilities so I only told him about my water Powers. The only people who knew about my healing abilities were my family and Rachel. I had gotten to the point where I knew I could trust her so I was happy to fill her in on that little secret of mine. I told her 6 months after we became friends and her only reaction was “Oh wow, cool!”. She knew that I was uncomfortable talking about it so she didn’t ask me any more questions about it and moved on to a different topic. Rachel’s abilities are classified as powerful amongst the higher classes. She can manipulate plants and has the Power of telekinesis. She’s a science major like me but she’s qualifying in Botany to try and understand and develop her Power more so that she can learn to fully develop them. She doesn’t like using her Powers in everyday life so she dedicated her life researching them instead.

It was the day before the Christmas holidays when I met Matt again. My exams ended a day earlier than most students so I decided to go home a day early for the Christmas holidays this year. I was walking to the train station when I met him unexpectedly. There weren’t many people on the streets that morning so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him crossing the road to meet me. “Well, hello there stranger!”, I called out to him with a smile. He didn’t respond and kept walking towards me with an angry look on his face. My smile disappearing, I took a step backwards because he didn’t seem in a very friendly mood as he was quickly approaching me. I was about to ask him if he was okay but I was taken aback by his hand on my collarbone. He pushed me against the wall behind me and the bag I was holding fell to the ground. I was winded by the amount of force he used to push me. “What the hell, Matt?”, I yelled at him. He looked at me and grabbed my neck. I started to feel uneasy. “I’m only going to say this once. You need to stay the hell away from me or you’re going to regret ever meeting me”, He threatened angrily. I tried to compose myself but his grip on my neck was getting tighter when I tried to push him away. “Get off me Matt. What the hell is wrong with you? Did something happen?”, I was having trouble trying to get my words out properly. “You cost me my job when you went asking question about that anonymous person who paid off your first instalment. They started digging around and found out that it was me. If you had just left it alone, this wouldn’t have happened”, he barked. The look in his eyes was one I never seen him have before. I tried to loosen his grip with my left hand and tried concentrating to conjure up some water from the plants that lay a few feet from me. It was pointless. I was having trouble breathing and was just trying to concentrate on not passing out. My neck began to feel hot under his hand. “Look we can talk about this, I can try and make it right. Just let me go, I can’t breathe”, I whimpered under his grasp. “No. There’s nothing to talk about. You just need to leave me alone and I won’t come near you anymore either”, his words stung more than his hot grip on my neck. “Fine, just please let me go”, my vision started to blur and the moment he removed his hand from neck I fell to the ground. Tears in my eyes from the pain, I gasped trying to catch my breath again. I looked up and saw Matt give me one last look of disgust followed by a smirk before walking away. A tear rolled down my cheek so I wiped it off with my hand but more tears fell. I couldn’t stop. All I could think was how betrayed I felt. I composed myself before more people appeared and I started walking in the direction of the train station. I wasn’t going to let this bother me and I certainly wasn’t going to let this ruin my holidays. 

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