Powering Through

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Chapter 7

Submitted: August 23, 2016

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Submitted: August 23, 2016




It turned out that I was going to let what happen ruin my Christmas. I spent so much time thinking back on what happened and why he lashed out at me. And more importantly why his grip was almost burning my throat. We had the Power conversation and he told me he only had two. So why did it feel like he was using a fire Power of some sort against me? Do I really know that little about someone I considered a friend? I shouldn’t have trusted him so easily and involve myself with someone who I had only just met.

The days went by quick and before I knew it, I was back in the city planning my second semester. It was a mild evening and myself and Rachel were sat in the living room of our small apartment. It felt so good to be back. I was building up the courage to tell her what had happened with Matt. The moment I told her, she sat up straight on the armchair and gave me a look. “What the hell is wrong with him? He had no right to attack you like that!”, she spluttered in my direction. “I know; I don’t know what got into him. It’s like he was a completely different person. I’d never seen him react like that before”, I muttered. I was feeling a bit embarrassed because I was the one who introduced him to her and praised him for being a genuine good person. “I mean, you think you know someone...”, I added before getting up to the kitchen. All this Matt talk was making me angry and I eat when I get angry. Rachel followed me into the kitchen and added “Look, I also thought he was a good person but sometimes you get it wrong. I blame me for not picking up on his asshole trait”, I snickered when she referred to him as an asshole. I wouldn’t go as far as say he was an asshole but let’s just say that he’s not far off. Our conversation about Matt ended there because Rachel could see that I didn’t want to talk about it anymore so we spent the rest of the night talking about what we did this Christmas. She told me all about her time she spent in Stockholm with her family and all the markets she went to. She even brought me back a little souvenir. It was a small bracelet with small Christmas charms. I told her about my boring Christmas at home and but she was listening so intently that she made me forget all about my troubles outside our safe little space.

Between all the catching up with Rachel and settling back into the student life again after two weeks of pure mindless laziness, Monday came around and so did the new semester. Lecturers began talking to us about all the extra responsibilities that we have now that we’re only one term away from graduating. The first day back was filled with words of wisdom from each lecturer so the day went by quick, especially considering that I only had 2 lectures today. Mondays weren’t so bad anymore. Rachel was doing the Botany major plus two other modules from my major so she had a few classes with me which made life a bit more bearable. I walked her to her class before going to my locker to dump my books and retrieve my coat. Since I was finished for the day, I had the choice of going to the library to do a bit of research on the new topics we briefly spoke about in lectures or go home. Of course, I chose the latter. It was a perfectly good Monday afternoon, I wasn’t going to be spending it studying, especially since it’s the first day back after the holidays. I took my coat out of my locker and started walking towards the doors that led to the back gate of the campus. I’d be able to get home quicker through this short cut. The campus is enormous and only took me 3 months to find my way around without getting lost so I was able to memorise all the different shortcuts that would lead me home faster. That feeling of content about my decision to go home was quickly replaced by anxiety. Matt was there. My heart started racing. I quickly looked away and hesitantly walked past him. “Uh, hello to you too”, his voice was ringing in my ear, I stopped walking but avoided looking at him in the eye. I looked in his direction and then kept walking. My pace faster than before, I reached the door and rushed outside. My breathing heavy, I didn’t look back and kept walking. “Sam, wait! Where are you going?”, he yelled back at me. I ignored him and kept walking further away from him. He quickened his step to try and catch up to me. It didn’t take him long before he reached me and grabbed my arm. “Let go of me”, I snapped at him and jerked my arm away from him. My breath still uneven and sweat running down my back, I took a step back. “Look, just leave me alone. If this is your idea of a joke, it’s not funny”. He looks at me with almost sad eyes but his whole face spelt confusion. He must be pretty good at acting if he was just going to forget what happened. “Look I’m just going to go home, and you just… go do whatever the hell you want. Just please, leave me alone”. His expression turned from confused to hurt. Wow, this man deserves an award. “I’m not going to leave you alone until you tell me what I did wrong. It’s like you’re scared of me”, he spoke finally, his voice almost soft and hushed. My guard still up, I took another step backwards. “What do you mean you don’t know what you did wrong? You attacked me the day before the Christmas holidays and told me to leave you alone so I’m going to do just that. So can you please just back off…”, I gestured with my hand for him to back away. He did what I asked but he didn’t leave. His face showing all sorts of emotions he pleaded, “Sam, I did not attack you. I didn’t even see you that day. You probably confused me for someone else”. His voice was back to his normal range. “Oh don’t patronise me. It was definitely you. I’m not an idiot Matt”, I snapped back at him before he could add any more excuses. “I swear to you Sam; it wasn’t me who attacked you. I can even prove it to you if you just tell me what happened”. I felt defeated and just so tired. I want to go home. “You came up to me that morning and shoved me against a wall. You grabbed my neck and started chocking me while telling me how you lost your job because of me and that it was all my fault and to leave you alone. You even burned my neck with your fire Powers that you never told me about”. It felt so good getting that out. It was like I was finally going to make him repent for his sins. “Jesus. That wasn’t me. I would never ever hurt you like that. I’d sooner hurt myself than do something like that to you. And I don’t have a hidden fire Power. I told you about both of my abilities. I don’t have a reason to lie to you about it. I consider you a good friend”. His words hurt for some reason. “Well, so did I Matt. But I can’t just forget what you did to me. And if it wasn’t you, who the hell could it have been? Unless you’re also lying about having a twin as well?”, I asked him. I was starting to feel defeated because it didn’t seem like he was ever going to admit what he did. “No, Sam. I don’t have a twin”. He was starting to sound annoyed at my accusations against him. “Maybe someone is out to get me, I don’t know?!”, his voice harsher now. “Don’t you dare get mad at me Matt. I did nothing wrong here so if you’re going to start speaking to me like that, it’s probably better that we just drop this and go back to our own lives before we even met!”, my words sounded crueller said aloud. It was almost as though I didn’t mean them but I couldn’t live in fear that he was going to attack me again whenever he’s had a bad day. This wasn’t a healthy relationship. He didn’t respond and just kept looking at me. His eyes burning a hole through me. We made eye contact and I slowly took a step backwards. I started walking away because I knew that there wasn’t more to say to each other. He wasn’t going to admit what he did and was just going to come up with excuses to try and make this all better. It doesn’t work like that though. I was worth more than a few excuses.

I walked home with a banging headache and a horrible taste of sorrow in my mouth. What had I gotten myself into? I just wanted to forget this ever happened and go back to being friends. Can we ever be friends again? 

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