Friends and Flowers

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Friendships are valuable in more ways than you know. Whether real or fake, they always teach a lesson.

Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Submitted: August 19, 2016



If I could give all of my friends flowers


It would take lots of hours


The ones I like, the ones I love


The ones that are here, the ones up above


The ones I always knew


But our friendship is brand new


The friends who have been around from day one


Even those who pretend to be one


I would give out bougets for days


As a thank you for all of the different ways


That I have learned from you


The good things and bad things too


For being by my side no matter what I went thru


Even if you turned your back and were found to be untrue


I want to give you flowers for all of the lessons you taught


Cause learning and growing is what life is all about


You taught me what I wanted to surround myself with


And even if you were no good, you still gave me a precious gift


Here’s a flower for helping me to be wise


And look for more in others than what appears before my eyes


Here’s a flower for making me grateful for those who are real


And for showing me the importance of what’s lasting versus a quick thrill


If it were possible every day I would spoil you


Just for being loyal.



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