The normal ones

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Following the disturbing tale of Jenna and alex as they attempt to figure out what is happening in their small city.

Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Submitted: August 19, 2016



Alex runs his hands through his hair, the sick yellow tinge of crusted cigarette smoke from the night before wraps around his skin. He glances behind him; the early morning light displays a curved elegant body of a woman sleeping next to him. He reaches down and grabs the Glenffidich bottle that lay side over by his feet and drinks the remaining umber liquid, the tickle he is so used to calms his nerves. He gets up and approaches the window that lay facing towards the street. No moving traffic, no moving people, in his sobering brain he thought nothing of this, even though this is one of the more busy parts of the inner city. A man perched over on the bench facing towards the apartments, sat motionless, his head oddly hanging back over the bench towards the sky, his black suit coat open and unbuttoned out of character.  Alex concluded this man was under the same restraints as himself, and slowly made his way to the bathroom that lay directly adjacent to the room of his nightly suitor.

 A voice calls from back in the room. “Alex baby, come back to bed with me”. A soft speaking tired voice. Light crackles from heavy drinking extend themselves through the softness. “ Jennas” Alex replies, his voice choky and frail. He pulls up his boxers and snakingly makes his way back to the room, holding onto the walls trying not to fall over, his head pounding in defeat.  He approaches the bed taking one more glance out the window into the shadowy, brisk, grey fall morning.  He almost lost interest in the view until he noticed something; it sent strings of vibration down the spine of his back. The older man in the dress jacket was parched on all fours, almost in a primal, feral position, like a lion getting ready to pounce.  He couldn’t see with his blurred vision as effectively as he needed so desperately to do. So he wiped his eyes and squinted them as best he could, pushing through the pain and spinning of the hangover. But when he looked back, the man was gone.

Confused and misplaced he shook his head and fell freely onto the bed, darkness surrounded him as he violently turned into the darkness of his own mind.



“Outside, outside, outside!” A voice screams from the streets below, “I am, nothing, I am! I am nothing!” The gut wrenching laugh of a hysterical maniac jolts into the air, birds scatter as if the shot of a gun had just struck landscape.

Scraping metal drags upon the brick walkway below




Hours passed, late into the afternoon Alex and Jenna still lay broken, the toppling over of a metal garbage can crashed into the apartments above.  Alex sprung from Jenna’s bed completely confused, his dry saliva sticking to his mouth, his breathing fast, heavy. He takes his hand and reaches for Jenna attempting to shake her from her sleep. She mumbles incoherently and turns further away from him.  

His joints crack as he reaches for the night stand, attempting to find his glasses. Clawing at the nightstand he finally touches the frame; he wipes them before he puts them on.  Clear vision, he looks around the room to see what fell, he looks to the side of the bed and sees the Glenffidich bottle empty, toppled over in a puddle upon the stained hardwood below. He doesn’t remember finishing it from earlier this morning.  He shakes his head and runs his hands through his long thick hair once more. 

He glances around the bed, seeing the remote, he reaches for it, clenching his upset stomach. Lazily he sits up and rests against the head board that still has the straps hanging from it that were placed there a few hours before.  He smiles, and presses the power button on the remote.  His smile quickly fades. The program is displaying “Returning to normal broadcasting after this important message” he flips to another channel. Blue, red and green screens all displaying the same message.

Flashes from this morning finally play across the theatre in his mind, drinking the bottle, the noise, it wasn’t the bottle that fell. He springs onto his feet, the old alcohol splashing along the river in his weak stomach. He crosses the room. “Jenna!” he looks out into the hallway inside her apartment, “Jenna!” He screams louder, almost shockingly, perhaps he is over reacting, but the movies he has watched since he was a kid would tell him otherwise.

She rolls over in her down comforter, her king sized bed shrinks her body to an almost doll like figure, “What, oh my god”.  She claws at her head and applies formidable pressure; she has never been very good the day after.  “You need to get out of bed and get dressed now!”. He glances around the room trying to find his jeans and his shirt. He throws her shirt and pants from the night before at her.


Manic laughing and loud inhuman screeches finally become apparent from the surroundings outside. Jenna opens her eyes wide and turns upright in her bed. “What the, what the fuck was that”. She looks over at Alex and he is shaking his head disturbingly, he points toward the television and it is still displaying the same message. “Returning to normal broadcasting after this important message”, a loud crash of metal and glass hit their second floor apartment window.  They both jump, their hairs standing tall and long all across their bodies.  

Alex zipping up his jeans and attaching his belt slowly makes his way to the hole in the window and peers outside.  Jenna, almost in tears quickly puts herself together. He couldn’t see anything below; he glances down and sees a large chunk of brick lying on the floor inside the apartment, wet blood still lay across it. “What do you see Alex, please” Jenna says as she ties up her loose pants.

“I don’t see anything out there at all” He exclaims.  “You can’t see me, you can’t hear me, you can’t hear me, but I can hear you, you, you” A dark high pitched voice screams in a crackling, wet, gargling tone.  They both look at each other and then out the window.

“Oh my god, what was that Alex” Jenna says as she begins to tear.



Alex could hear the never ending restlessness in the kitchen as Jenna attempted to find essentials. Alex knew they didn’t have much as they spent all their money on booze, drugs and nights out. There essentials were quite different.  Alex packing clothes in Jenna’s room trying to fit as much as he could in two small backpacks.  Old unwashed boxers, panties, white stained T-shirts, leggings, bras; He knew it was all useless. Until he heard the clank of metal in the back of the closet as he was throwing the clothes every which way he could.

A bat, a metallic 42” bat slid down from standing up right in the corner of the closet. He grabbed it. Almost desperately, new he thought except three small dings from the connection of something smashing into its side. For the first time in months, despite the situation, he was graced even just for a moment with a sense of hope.

Feeling his fingers upon the indents he didn’t hear the first scream, zoning out as his thoughts were still scattered from the drugs the night before. The second was louder though a horrifying scream that stretched his skin with Goosebumps.  He heard Jenna stop shoving what she could inside the duffle bag from within the kitchen.

He heard the fast pacing footsteps leave the kitchen and enter her room. They both walked over to the window and began to poke their eyes around outside.  He didn’t realize until that point that Jenna was holding his hand, something she has never done in months.  He couldn’t see anything, just a few empty streets, empty walkways, one abandoned car.

“I’m going taau, Gut yen like a lil pig!” A demon like voice shouted from the street to the west just outside of the eyes view.  Staring with unsettling impatience Alex waited for something to appear, until the woman the voice was shouting at crawled into view. Her pace slow, he could see the red stains on her white blouse, her face almost completely black from repeated bashings. Her crawl almost slowing to a halt.

“HAheheha” the man began to walk and skip and sing. Alex and Jenna both pressed their faces against the window to get a better view. “What do we do?” Jenna whispers.

“Fuck!” Alex said in a frantic state, “Should we go help her?” He pushes of the window and holds the bat with both hands.

 “Do what exactly” Jenna shaking her head, still glaring at the surreal scene that is unfolding below.

 “I don’t know!”  Alex shouts, the drugs in his system were making him more confused than anything else. He could barely keep it together without breaking down under all the stress.

“Oh my god” Jenna holds her hands over her mouth. Alex quickly makes his way back to the window. “Fuck” he says exhaustedly. 

The man was wearing a white blood covered patient’s coat, open at the back, bleeding torn scabs and wounds decorated his bare body. His bare foot placed upon her face, her hands clawing up to the heavens. Alex knew what was going to happen, it was too late to run down the hallway, the two flights of stairs, out the street, and run twenty feet before he could save her.  

The crazed man looks up to the sky, almost asking for permission, moving his hands, orchestrating an unseen band.  His arms then began to eagle out as if he was balancing on a tight rope.  He puts both feet and all his weight on her chest.  

“Help me! Please” the woman attempted to shout, suffocating under the pressure of his body. Her face swollen to the size of a watermelon, tinted like a plum.  The man looking downward from the sky, almost as if he had no idea he was standing on her, bends over slowly, almost animated, and stares directly into the depths of her eyes.  It was impossible to make out what he was saying to her, but he could see her crying and shaking her head as he was nodding his.  Alex saw him grin, and then he jumped as high as he could, laughing as he did it. The blood shot out from her mouth as he landed.

Laughing louder as he jumped.

Up and down.

 He jumped, and he jumped.

Until the life was crushed out of her.

He jumped and jumped.

Until the cracking of crushed ribs, and the squishing of blown out intestines and organs was the only music Alex and Jenna heard. 

© Copyright 2019 Jonathon Strotle. All rights reserved.

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