Roaring Wild: A Guide for Beasts

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The General Guide for Beasts one must read before entering the realm of Roaring Wild: Untamable Instincts. Please read this to get all the basic information needed before starting the story or else you WILL be lost. This is the prologue before the creatures of nature come to bite you with pearly white fangs, read at your own risk before you get eaten. Beware of the animal beyond these pages.

Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Submitted: August 19, 2016





This is a jump start to alpha/beta/omega dynamics within my own universe. Here's some basic information to help you with the story.


Alphas: Sterotyped as the pack leaders and dominant party within society, they can mate with anyone they like. It is considered rare for two alphas to mate and usually frowned upon. When they court, they give presents to potential mates. Head/acting alpha is usually the main leader of the household, they grant permission for other alphas to court beta/omega children/siblings while establishing courting periods if the children/siblings are still underage and live in the house. But, when it comes to betas, courtship requests are more out of common courtesy than tradition. 

Betas: Pretty much the average joes of society and no one questions their intentions. They mate with anyone, but it's considered common practice to mate with another beta. They can grant permission for an alpha to court them without consent from a head/acting alpha, but still need to request courtship with omegas. 

Omegas: Often seen as the weak-willed, submissive types that are necessary for bearing children. Two omegas mating is considered uncommon, but not rare. Their heat cycles vary from every two months to twice a year, the common ones tend to happen when the weather changes drastically in the Spring and Fall. They have the most physical capability to bear and give birth to multiple children or pups as they call them. 

Heat Cycles: Occur different for each person, but usually commonly happen around Spring and Fall. Betas don't get them often, only once or twice a year. Alphas and Omegas get them more often to the point of getting fevers before their heats begin. They typically have a clear mind of the First Heat Day then, after a few hours will they fall into a lustful craze. 

Mate Marks and True Mates: Mating is established when the alpha/beta partner bites their mate. This can occur between mates that are within the same class as well. The bite is typically put around the neck/collarbone area where people can see it and be officialized as mates, it's frowned upon if an omega bites someone from a higher class. True Mates (aka Soul Mates) are recognized when they perform a scent  marking ceremony when they rub each other's scent after initating skin-to-skin contact, this is the equivalent to a public proposal since the ceremony can happen randomly anywhere one meets their true mate. Dating is still a concept in this society, but some people wait until they find their true mate.

Baring the neck/lowering oneself: The common way to bare your neck is to usually present your throat/Adam's apple to whoever you are baring your neck to or titling your head to the side to expose the scent glands on the side of your neck. This is a universal sign of trust and respect, it can also be used to apologize deeply to someone. Alphas can use this to the head/acting alpha when requesting a courtship to show how dedicated and serious they are. But, it is also an act of submission and rarely done because it shows weakness. It's considered unheard of for an alpha to bare their throat to an omega. Lowering oneself is basically putting yourself in a place that is lower than the person you are submitting to, usually the floor. This is also an act of submission and placing lots of trust in the other person.

Hopes this helps you readers with the story. I apologize for it being so detailed, but I wanted them out of the way to get to the point of the story. Thank you for your patience, time to move on to Roaring Wild! This is dedication to my family and friends, you guys are awesome.

-Alex Skye

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