The Infinite Thesis

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My review on infinity.

Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Submitted: August 19, 2016



So this thing has been going around my head for quite a long time. This is in my original prospect, I don’t know if they’re any sources that might contradict this but I just want to put this out in the front.

So once my friend asked me a question, what is infinite/infinite. I wasn’t going to say 1 because the answer would be too obvious, so I went with the simple “I don’t know, enlighten me, Einstein.” So he told me to take:


= infinite*0.000000000….1

= infinite (as according to him infinite into anything is infinite.)

But then I gave this some thought and eventually proved his hypothesis douchery. I came up with a conclusion that infinite is not a fixed value, it’s actually a variable with a random value which cannot be measured. So the infinite into something will not give you the same infinite with which you started out with. So what is infinite, for some it may be 10^10000 or 99^10000000 and for some elementary's it could be 1/0. 

You know 1/1 is 1, which is the same as 2/2 or 3/3 or 4/4. So why can’t infinite/infinite be equal to one.That’s because infinite/infinite is not the same as x/x, rather it something like x/y.  Infinite no doubt is extremely important. But the beauty with this is, that there is no limit. It can go on and on. Also, 1/1 actually means your dividing one such that you get 1 equal part. And you do. Then I take 1/0, which also means your actually expanding the value of 1 to a variable that we call it as infinite. Hence they say 1/0 is not defined. Which means infinite is not defined, which means infinite is nothing but a name for a variable.

To conclude, I just want to tell, never imagine infinite as one number that lies in the last of the number system. Everything is transient…

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