Thandi's Love

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Set in the South during the mid-1800's, Thandi's Love explores the torrid love affair between beautiful mulatto slave Thandi Boran , and her married master, cotton plantation owner Tom Lexington. This riveting tale revolves around their great love and the many obstacles they endured. (The main obstacle being Tom's marriage to Anna, the mean-spirited daughter of his business partner and life long enemy, Daniel Stafford)

With suspicions of their affair mounting, and tempers flaring, Stafford warns Tom to stay away from Thandi or else...

Soon he takes his daughter back home for a much-needed break, and in their absence he sends his business partner and fellow associate Victor Richmond to keep an eye on affairs, who in which instantly takes a keen liking to Thandi.

With news that his beloved Aunt is dying, Tom pays her a visit and learns a shocking piece of news concerning himself and Thandi. Slowly the facts are revealed. Not only facts of the here and now, but also deep dark secrets from the past...

Step back in time and take a journey through undeniable love, forever friendships, selfless sacrifices, and unforgettable breathtaking moments that will leave you yearning for more...

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Thandi's Love

Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Thandi's Love

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