poor billy the moon hoaxer

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A cautionary tale of what could happen to you if you let your ego eat your brain.

Submitted: August 19, 2016

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Submitted: August 19, 2016



Billy Fletcher was a bright boy. But he didn't really know it until very near the end of second grade when his teacher and principal told him he would be skipping the third. At the end of that day, while sliding inside his Mum's car for the drive home, he announced “I get to skip grade three!” She was thrilled and flushed with pride.

A week later Billy was asked to be brought to the hospital to be administered a proper IQ test by a psychiatric nurse. It only took about forty minutes and as Billy and the nurse reentered the hospital waiting room, she announced “One sixty-five, Mrs. Fletcher. Your son is a genius.” The small family celebrated with pizza and ice-cream.

Billy felt quite high and mighty the next day at school. He found himself talking circles around the other kids even if he didn't know for sure what he was talking about, but they bought most of it.


On the first day of grade four, Billy was off like a shot. He answered every question asked to the class by the teacher. And rapidly. He also made it obvious that he could read at the adult level, bringing to school books by Arthur C. Clarke, Michael Crichton, Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, and many others. For Billy, school was smooth-sailing.


Yes, Billy was a star student. But there was something about him that changed a bit when he started high school. He started to talk funny. Not like he had a sudden lisp, no, something different. He was saying things that sounded less informative and more just plain odd. The first saying that his friends could recall, came about after they had made a short video for a science project. One of the boys who spoke on-camera, Jason, heard his voice played back for the first time in his life. He said “Hm. My voice sounds so much higher in my head.” That was when Billy said “You're voice is supposed to sound lower in your head.” To all the other kids within ear-shot, this sentence was barely-detectable ambiance. But Jason walked home that day thinking he had been doing something wrong his whole life.


By the beginning of grade ten Billy had decided what he was going to do with his life. He was going to be an electrical and computer engineer. This was all well and good, but disaster would strike him on a Saturday evening in mid-October. Billy discovered something. Something that the logical and strong-minded can simply laugh and shrug off. But this something Billy took to dear heart. He discovered conspiracy theories. A number of them were presented in an hour-long program on the Fox Network. Billy did not believe any of them were true. But he felt an uncontrollable lust to insist that he did. “They see me as quite smart now,” Billy thought to himself. “But how much smarter will they think I am if I say no man has ever walked on the moon?” In a one hour sitting, Billy's ego had eaten his brain.

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