Don't Leave Me

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Submitted: August 20, 2016

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Submitted: August 20, 2016



I lean against the window

Staring out at the rain

How I long and wish to

Just hear from you again.


I see you in my slumber

Your voice circles my ears

You fill up my memories

And you erase all my fears.


Before you came in my life

The world was dark and grey

You’re an anchor I hold on to

A home for a heart stray.


I love every second with you

I’d be with you at all costs

Comparing to have never loved

I’d rather have loved and lost.


Maybe you are meant to leave

Maybe you must go away

But there will come this time

When both of us can stay.


It will be hard to move on

It’s impossible to forget you

You have been my guiding star

When I’m confused where to.


Now it might be hard to love

Nothing can yet be unfurled

But I hope you’re always happy

On the other side of the world.


This does not mean the end

This is not goodbye

Whenever you feel alone in life

I’m always by your side.

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