The Antithesis Of King Midas

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What could be worse than the curse on King Midas?

Submitted: August 20, 2016

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Submitted: August 20, 2016



Antithesis Of King Midas


There’s a story set a while ago,

When Midas was a king.

He made gold and gold galore

By touching anything.

At first it was a blessing

But it turned in to a curse,

The talent I am living with --

It has to be much worse.


While this king made so much gold

I make tons of dust;

You want something pulverized?

Well, ask me if you must.

It doesn’t always need a touch,

A simple word will do;

It seems I can wreck everything

Without a single clue.


It began inside of me

With dreams becoming ash,

My heart, it turned to solid rock

And shattered with a crash.

It must have got much stronger

As it’s becoming very clear --

My curse is taking over me

And effecting all that’s near.


I was just now thinking,

Me and Midas in Brazil,

With all the Olympic medals

That they’re giving out there still!

Midas would devalue this,

There’d be a flood of gold,

There’d be no competition

And the whole thing it would fold.


But if I went near those medals

It would change them one and all,

I’d only have to look at them

And into dust they’d fall.

The athletes, they would turn on me

For ruining their thing --

They’d never understand that I

Don’t control the dust I bring.


So if you want to save yourself

Be sure to keep your distance,

I’m not sure if this will be short-lived

Or a curse with much persistence.

Isolation is the only way

To stop this mess I’m spreading;

Just slam the door and keep me out

If your way I am heading.


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