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fears :everyone has them.

Submitted: September 05, 2016

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Submitted: August 20, 2016




By: Mariama J

There are many forms of fears, throughout our years.

At the age of five, the fear of the hive.

Oh it's so funny, like honey, that such harmless creatures

(with many features).

Can cause much harm …. and alarm.


At the age of seven, the fear of being eleven.

You're growing so fast: always wondering, will your childhood last?

It wasn't very vast.


At the age of twenty there's many.

The fear of the penny : the one of many, causes tons of frenzy's.

Don't miss use it ... or you will loose it!

If you do; too bad for you, you'll feel quite blue.


At the age of thirty, the fear of the lorry.

First a scream... then a SHOUT!

Then glass is all about.

Everything turns black: you slack, on the ground.

Without making a sound.

One day later, you open your eyes.

Your in a room, feeling quite blue, hoping you will get out soon.

Out of the Hospital room.


At the age of sixty, the fear of not being frisky

You're old; and not very bold. Your soul turns cold.

Your face starts to mold, and your eyes turn into two very worried holes.


At the age of seventy the fear of your destiny.

Your life maybe almost over.

You feel as delicate as a clover: and as dry as your heels.

Making every tiny thing a big deal.


At the age of eighty-eight, the fear of it being too late.

You have regrets: wishing you could go back in time to make every thing set.

Trying to tell yourself your life is not over (not over, quite yet).


At the age of ninety-nine, the fear of you knowing that it's time.

Your laying in bed.

A pillow under your head.

Saying everything that has to be said.

A few minutes later... your dead .

Now this poem has come to an end.

© Copyright 2018 Mariama J. All rights reserved.

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