Land Of Fantasy

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The Land of Fantasy -- imagine something and it will appear.

Submitted: August 20, 2016

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Submitted: August 20, 2016



Land Of Fantasy


In the Land of Fantasy let fly your imagination,

Anything you think of becomes a real creation.


A crocodile with slippers on, a pink and purple dove,

With chocolate sauce and custard raining down from up above.


There’s a lion that runs up to you, floors you with a lick;

A white rabbit with a red top hat performs a magic trick.


The rose-tinted sky looks beautiful around yellow mountain tops;

The bushes, they are covered in multi-coloured lemon drops.


There really is no limit so just let your feelings fly,

Whatever you want will come true so set your aim to ‘high’.


There is dancing, there is laughter, there is singing in the air;

I love you and you love me -- we have a life to share.


But look there’s something happening, a storm it is now brewing

And it’s a storm called ‘Nightmare’ and my dream it is undoing.


The crocodile’s become immense, it has picked up my scent;

There’s pink and purple feathers – I know just where that dove went!


The sky it is now raining shattered glass and acid rain,

I need to find a shelter to escape this dripping pain.


The lion, now it chases, with a claw and so loud roar;

The rabbit calmly sits and licks some blood from off his paw.


The rose-tinted sky is indigo with that yellow stormy hue,

The bushes now are covered in blades waiting to cut through.


The singing has turned to shouting, a hunt is being led;

And you, you look at me with hate, it’s clear you want me dead.


I wake up in a panicked state, relieved at what it seems,

But nightmare’s become reality since you punctured all my dreams.



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