The Bastard Show!

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A new show!

Submitted: August 20, 2016

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Submitted: August 20, 2016



"Hello there, gullible bastards! My name--err--ah, hell, how could anyone not know my name, after every single minute coverage on all networks, including The Food Network, which is hard to do, believe me. I shared the stage with chlli con carne, but of course, I got top billing. Sorry, carne, but you're a loser. As you know, I've been busy running for president, but now that I've 'lost' the totally-rigged election, I needed a way to finish the destruction of all long-held political traditions, like always being politically correct. Things like not making fun of others, they'll tell you they can't help being a woman, a minority, or handicapped. I say, yes you can! Just stop being a loser, believe me. 

So, beginning in a couple of weeks, I'll be airing 'The Bastard Show!' That's 'The Bastard Show', airing week nights and weekends from 5-11 pm on 'The Trump Channel. And I've heard liberal morons refer to it as The Chump Channel. Believe me, these aren't laugh lines etched into my face, they're lines of anger, you will be hearing from my lawyers--believe me, folks. I won't have 'guests', as I'm much smarter than any guest, believe me. It'll just be my face, for 6 hours. Think of it as an extension of what saw for months leading up to the rigged election, oh believe me, it was so rigged, except you'll have to pay, me. I'm cashing in, believe me."


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