A Bridge from Here to There

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About staying on the right path and the dangers of the wrong paths in life.

Submitted: August 20, 2016

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Submitted: August 20, 2016



There is this bridge from here to there

suspended over an infinite abyss

consuming the lost and fallen

full of sirens and illusions and disguised despair


Yet I'm hung up upon this path by heavens strings

narrow and straight and indefinite

walking across to the unknown


Darkness below swallowing the light that once was

plucking the stars from the sky trying to hold on

extinguishing them into latent smoke

with manipulations, temptations, and lies

trying to turn your imperfections, mistakes, and flaws against you

to have you consumed in singular focus that you can't see the real truths before you


From the depths without depth below

voices try to seep into my soul

trying to make me turn back or go down a different path

a path that leads no where good but to destruction and death


These voices trying to make me go slowly mad

repetitious thoughts; evil thoughts; thoughts without answers

to believe thoughts that I should never have had

offering enticing paths to make me lost and confused

to make me investigate and interact and be sidetracked

make decisions I need to work through to get back to where I once was

trying to change my heart down a different track


Yet, I keep going; never to give up; walking along

through confusion and fear, battling demons and self

I deny myself to keep going down God's Path

with Patience and Faith that light will suddenly appear

The Other Side of my new world that awaits

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