Crimson Blood

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When Crimson Blood, the demon of the battlefield, was assigned as Princess Seraphina's new bodyguard, people were convinced she would be dead within a day. After all, what could a little disabled girl do to protect herself from a silent monster with a sword stained with blood? It didn't matter that his orders were to protect and serve with his life. Who trusts the loyalty of a demon? But Seraphina isn't the weak girl everyone thinks she is and she will use the strength of the silent warrior beside her to complete her plans. Struck by her unwavering determination, Crimson Blood serves the princess wholeheartedly and they almost complete their task. But even a demon can't take a bullet to the head without side effects.

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Submitted: August 20, 2016

A warrior that wields a sword in a war of bullets and guns has gained a name for himself. For years now, he has been known as Crimson Blood, demon of the battlefield. Mistrusted even by those he works closest to, the demon is a silent killer that everyone fears. The people of the empire have to question how insane the generals have to be to assign such a bloody being to guard such a weak princess. But Crimson Blood can see past the dainty exterior and knows that she is the only one in the room who is not weak. Read Chapter

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Crimson Blood

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