I Can Love You Like That

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Elizabeth was depressed. She was a glorified nanny for her her drug addicted brother and her romantic life was in shambles. Can the reappearance of her first love save her?

Submitted: August 20, 2016

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Submitted: August 20, 2016



Disclaimer: The song, Musta Had a Good Time is copyright © Parlamee. The song, Real Good Man is copyright © Tim McGraw. The song, I Can Love You Like That is copyright © John Michael Montgomery.



He watched from the back porch as she swung from the tree swing that had been installed for her nephew and listened to the music coming from her cell phone that lay on the ground at her feet. She looked miserable.

"Now, do you see why I called you?" Her brother, Marshall, asked from behind him.

He sure did. Jensen Jacks hadn't seen Elizabeth Windsor in six months. Not since the day that she had left North Carolina for good.

They had been broken up at the time of her departure. Every time he got too close to her, she would run. They had broken up and gotten back together a grand total of three times. When they had broken up for the last time she had gotten engaged to some idiot grocery store manager named Baron. The marriage hadn't even lasted a year before she filed for divorce on the grounds of abuse. The moment the papers were filed she had hopped on a bus and headed to New England to live with her brother, his wife and their two children.

He thought that she would be okay. She had saved herself from an abusive marriage and had gone to live with the only family that she had that cared about her.

He had thought wrong. It was the middle of July when he had gotten the call from Marshall. Elizabeth had fallen into a deep depression that he couldn't snap her out of and she refused to seek help for her problems outside of the family.

Marshall, knowing how close Elizabeth and Jensen had been sought him out in a last ditch effort to save his little sister.

Jensen didn't even have to think. The second that he knew Elizabeth was in trouble, he had left his employees in charge of his computer repair business, found someone to care for his dogs, and had hopped in his truck and started driving north from his home in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

He had made the drive in under two days and was exhausted by the time he arrived in the small town of Lee, Massachusetts.

"Are you sure she wants to see me?" He questioned Marshall.

"I can prove it to you, just hang back and listen," Marshall's wife, Dora stepped off the back porch and walked to where Elizabeth was swinging.

"How are you holding up, kiddo?" Dora sat on the ground next to the swing.

"I'm okay," The smile that Elizabeth gave her was half-hearted at best.

"So, I have an exercise for you," Dora continued.

Elizabeth stopped swinging.

"What kind of exercise?"

Dora was a psychiatrist and was treating Elizabeth herself.

"You seem to respond best to music, so to help you focus your mind and emotions on what you really want, we are going to use music therapy." Dora reached for Elizabeth's phone and handed it to her. "Now, I want you to go through your song list and play me a song that reminds you of a happy time from your past."

Elizabeth took the phone and scanned her list until she found the song that she was looking for.

"Hey, ya'll, is that my dog up on the roof?

And good God why's my car out in the pool?

All I remember was a phone call,

Now the party's on,

Someone knocking on my door.

I don't know what the hell went on round' here last night,

But now I'm picking up beer cans,

What a mess,

Oh man,

Who's that passed out in the yard?

All that's left in the firepit is one of my lawn chairs,

And a piece of siding off my barn.

Somebody doing donuts must have hit the mailbox,

Cause it's laying out there in the road.

There's a flood in the bathroom,

A hog in the kitchen,

A dude on my couch with a bloody nose.

I don't know what the hell went on round' here last night,

But we musta had a good time.

Hey yall, why's my bed not in my room?

And good God, how did my face get black and blue?

All I remember is a bring it on,

A pour it strong,

And all the girls getting down.

But now I'm picking up beer cans,

What a mess,

Oh man,

Who's that passed out in the yard?

All that's left in the firepit is one of my lawn chairs,

And a piece of siding off my barn.

I guess we used the table top for a game of beer pong,

And the back porch for a dance floor.

Somebody took the shower rod,

Turned it to a strip pole,

Man there's a hole punched through my door,

I don't know what the hell went on round' here last night,

But we musta had a good time."

"Why that song?" Dora asked as it came to an end.

Jensen didn't even need to hear Elizabeth's answer. He knew why she had chosen that song. The band that performed it, Parlamee, was from his hometown of Rock Hill. When the two of them had been in their late teens they used to go and watch the band perform at local country haunts around the area.

When he turned his attention back to Elizabeth, Dora was again asking her to choose a song.

"Now, I want you to play a song that reminds you of someone from your past, someone that you miss,"

Jensen knew that Dora was leading Elizabeth and he wasn't sure how he felt about it but he would have been lying if he said that he wasn't curious what song she would pick.

"Girl you never know no one like me,

Up there in your high society,

They might tell you I'm no good,

Girl they need to understand,

Just who I am,

I may be a real bad boy,

But baby I'm a real good man.

I may drink too much and play too loud,

Hang out with a rough and rowdy crowd.

That don't mean I don't respect my mama or my Uncle Sam,

Yes, sir,

Yes, ma'am,

I may be a real bad boy,

But baby, I'm a real good man.

I might have a reckless streak at least a country mile wide,

If you're gonna run with me,

It's gonna be a wild ride.

But when it comes to loving you,

I've got velvet hands.

I'll show you how a real bad boy,

Can be a real good man."

Again Jensen knew why she had played that song but he needed to hear her say it this time.

"Who's that song about, Liz?" Dora asked.

"Jensen," Elizabeth replied simply.

Dora shook her head. "You're still in love with him, sweetheart. You need to tell him. You can't go on living like this...it's a half-life."

He watched as his girl shook her head.

"I messed everything with Jensen up so badly that I'm pretty sure that he wants nothing to do with me, I was so screwed up back then. He treated me like a queen and I ran away every time he wanted to take our relationship to the next level." She sounded so broken. "I'd rather live like this than have him look me in the eye and tell me that he hates me. I couldn't take it." She shook her head.

He could never fucking hate her. She had been the love of his life since they had met when they were both nineteen. Jesus, that had been almost ten years earlier.

"One more song, but I'm going to leave you alone to listen to this one and think," Dora stood up. "I want you to play a song that describes what you want from a relationship."

Dora walked back to the porch and smirked at him.

"See what she plays and then please go and take that girl out of her misery," She instructed as she grabbed Marshall by the arm and dragged him inside.

Jensen had to restrain himself from going directly to her side. He needed to hear what she would play. He needed to know what she wanted this time around.

This would be his last attempt to be with her...not because it was her last chance, he would always be there for her, but because he wasn't going to let her run this time. He would do whatever it took to keep her healthy, happy, and by his side. A decade was too long to wait to be with the person you loved.

He couldn't help but smile a little when he heard the song that she played.

"They read you Cinderella,

You hoped it would come true,

That one day your Prince Charming would come rescue you.

You like romantic movies,

You never will forget,

The way you felt when Romeo kissed Juliet.

All this time that you've been waiting,

You don't have to wait no more.

I can love you like that,

I would make you my world,

Move heaven and earth if you were my girl,

I would give you my heart,

Be all that you need.

Show you you're everything that's precious to me.

If you give me a chance,

I can love you like that."

The one and only dance that they had ever shared had been to this song while at his cousin's wedding. He watched as she wept as it played.

He didn't even let the song finish before he was by her side and pulling her out of the swing and into his arms.

When she noticed it was him, she cried even harder.

"Please, tell me it's really you," She begged. "Please, tell me this isn't all in my head again,"

He brushed some hair away from her face and leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"It's really me, hon," He assured her.

"What are you doing here?" She pulled back to look at him questioningly as she tried to dry her tears in a futile effort to gather control of herself.

"Your brother told me you needed me...and I've missed my baby," He tightened his arms around her as she tried to pull away.

"You're not running away from me this time, hon. You're stuck with me so you might as well get used to it, now." He informed her. "No more games. You've belonged to me since we were teenagers and this time I'm fucking keeping you."

She stopped struggling...like he knew she would. He had always possessed a strong, forceful personality and he had always been the dominant partner in their relationship. He knew that if he spoke to her forcefully enough she would listen and comply with his demands. A part of him wondered if it was that aspect of their relationship that always scared her into running. She had been born into a family with six children in Detroit. She had moved to Charlotte, North Carolina when she was just a toddler and her home life had been far from happy. Her parents put on a happy façade to cover up the fact that their thirty-year marriage was a sham. Her mother had died when she was fifteen from complications arising from lupus and she and her younger sister had been left in the care of their manipulative father. Her father had been domineering but he used his power to control and emotionally abuse his children. Jensen would never do that to her. He only ordered her around when it was for her own good and he only ever did it as a last resort.

Yes, he was controlling and possessive...but he loved Elizabeth with every fiber of his being. He would never hurt her and had never hurt her. The only thing he wanted was to make her truly happy for the first time in her life. He just had to convince her to give him the chance because no matter how many times they had been together she had never really let down her guard with him.

"I've fucked up," She whispered against his chest. "I have no idea what I'm even doing with my life. You told me once that I would be lost without you and I hated you so much for that...but you were right," The tears began to fall again. "I left you and my life went to shit,"

He rubbed her back.

"Your problems aren't your fault, baby. Your mom, your dad, your LIFE did this to you," He kissed the top of her head. His 6'2 frame made this very easy given the fact that Elizabeth was only 5'2. "I have never once blamed you, hon."

This just made her cry harder.

"I want you back," It came out like a plea.

Why was she begging? He didn't understand. She always had a home with him, in fact, her home WAS with him. He would never turn her down when he wanted her just as much, if not more than she wanted him.

"If you want me back, you have to come home with me," He informed her sternly.

His business was in South Carolina. Yes, he could arrange to open a branch in Lee and from what he could tell he would be the only computer repair business in town but that would still take months if not a year. He made good money but he wasn't well off by any means and couldn't afford to just up and move at the drop of a hat.

She pulled her head away from his chest and looked up at him.

"Okay," She consented.

"Okay?" He hoped his ears weren't playing tricks on him.

She nodded. "On the condition that you don't mind me staying here until the third week of February,"

That was oddly specific.

"Why?" He questioned.

He was still in a bit of shock. It sounded like she was willingly handing him everything that he had ever wanted from her...the chance to truly be with her.

"I want to be here for the holidays and Reid's birthday is the day after Valentine's Day, I don't want to miss any of it. It's been a long time since I've had a family holiday." She explained.

Well, it looked like his brother Travis was going to get that overtime that he had been begging for. If she was willing to leave her family and come home to South Carolina with him than he could brave one fall and winter in the Berkshires for her.

"Deal," He bent down and captured her lips in the first kiss that the two of them had shared in what felt like forever.

Later that night, as he was gathered with Elizabeth and her family in the living room of Marshall's house, he realized three things.

One, her family truly loved her and she loved them. Two, both Marshall and Dora had massive problems. Marshall seemed to pop a new pill every half an hour and was nodding off and Dora was so drunk that she wouldn't shut the hell up. Three, Elizabeth was the one who kept the kids cared for and the household running. He was starting to see why she was so hesitant to leave. Who would look after almost two-year-old Reid and fifteen-year-old Tempest if he took Elizabeth back to South Carolina?

He made a mental note to call a lawyer and see what the options were for protecting the children from their parents' vices.

One thing was for sure. He and Elizabeth weren't leaving until he knew those kids were protected...even if it meant moving to Massachusetts or taking the kids home to South Carolina with them.

Both Marshall and Dora stumbled up the stairs not long after seven to pass out. Tempest had left to go see a movie with her best friend Kylie and he and Elizabeth were alone with baby Reid.

They were in the kitchen doing the washing up. He was doing the dishes and she was wiping down the counters. Little Reid was sitting on a towel on the floor devouring a popsicle...and turning himself blue in the process. Jensen had been confused when Elizabeth had first laid down the towel...but now he totally got it.

"Why didn't you tell me what was going on with your brother and Dora?" He finally asked as he placed the last plate in the dish strainer to dry.

She sighed and turned from where she was scrubbing tomato sauce off of the counter to look at him.

"I was embarrassed," She admitted. "You saw how messed up my family down south is and I guess I didn't want to have to tell that my family up here is just as bad...I figured you would see for yourself...which you obviously have."

She knew that once he saw how bad Marshall and Dora were that he would never make her leave...that's why she had agreed to move so readily. The manipulative little brat. Was it odd that her unique, and slightly supervillain like trait of manipulating situations in her favor was actually a turn on for him?

He chuckled and walked to her side, pulling her into his arms.

"You don't have to be embarrassed with me, I've already seen you at your worst and it's not your fault your family acts like they jumped straight out of a soap opera,"

She smiled and stood up on her tiptoes to kiss him. His curly, muddy river hair, that he kept shoulder length, was untied and tickled her face.

They pulled apart when Elizabeth felt something hit her leg. Looking over they found a smiling Reid...he had thrown his now clean popsicle stick at them.

"More," He demanded and clapped his hands.

They both laughed and she stepped away from him.

"No more tonight, Mr. Man," She went and picked the sticky, Smurf-colored baby up off of the floor. "It's bath time for you,"

She balanced him on her hip, so used to caring for the child that she wasn't concerned that he was getting her just as sticky as he was, and turned back to Jensen.

"Where are you staying?"

"Here with you," He crossed his arms and smirked at her.

In the past, she would have panicked and been completely uncomfortable with the situation. Jensen was the only one of her serious exes that she had never lived with. The longest continuous time that they had spent together had been a one-week vacation to Michigan to visit her grandmother in Detroit...and she had been in the middle of one of her breakdowns and the trip ended up being a nightmare.

"Good," She smiled and jostled Reid a little to make him giggle. "Just a head's up, Reid doesn't have his own room so he kinda bed hops...and he usually ends up with me,"

She departed the room and Jensen was amazed. His girl had grown up. She wasn't afraid of him anymore. He was so fucking proud of her.

And what was this about Reid not having his own room? Some things obviously needed to change around the Windsor household.

That night, as predicted, Reid joined them in bed. Jensen had never been much of a kid person but even he had to admit that the boy was adorable.

He lay in between them, holding his sippy cup of milk in one hand while the other was folded behind his head.

He forced the couple to watch an episode of something called Paw Patrol. It was the stupidest fucking show that he had ever seen but it made the baby giggle.

Luckily, after one episode, Elizabeth fond a tolerable cartoon from their childhood, Rugrats, being played on Teen Nick.

Reid seemed to like the speech impaired babies even more than the talking dogs of Paw Patrol.

A knock came on the bedroom door.

"Come in," Elizabeth called.

Tempest poked her head in.

"Just wanted to let you know that I'm home," She explained.

It wasn't lost on Jensen that Tempest notified her aunt and not her parents of her safe arrival home.

"Thank you, sweetie,"

Reid handed Jensen his sippy cup and stood up in bed with his arms outstretched.

"Sissy, hug," He demanded.

Tempest fully entered the room and met the baby at the foot of the bed for a hug before leaving the room.

Reid toddled back up to stand in between them with a hand on each of their shoulders.

He leaned down and kissed Elizabeth on the lips.

"Night, night, Lizzy,"

He turned to Jensen and took back his sippy cup.

"Night, night Jenny," He kissed his forehead and laid back down in the middle.

He was sleeping within minutes.

Once the boy was asleep, he heard Elizabeth softly giggling to herself.

He propped himself up on his elbow to look at her.

"What's so funny, hon?"

"Reid called you Jenny," She put a hand over her mouth to stifle her giggles so she wouldn't wake the baby.

He mock growled at her. "You are so lucky there's a child between us, right now,"

Elizabeth leaned up on both of her elbows.

"And why's that tough guy?"

He reached across Reid and grabbed her by the fabric of her silk nightgown. Careful not to wake the sleeping baby, he pulled her mouth to his for a steamy kiss.

"Because if there wasn't, you wouldn't be gettin' much sleep tonight, sweetheart,"

He felt the shiver that ran through her body and smirked to himself. He knew the effect he could have on her when he really tried.

There had been a lot of problems in their relationship, she had trust and mental health issues, and he had a short temper and wasn't always as understanding as he could have been in the early years. But that was before he truly understood her. The one aspect of their relationship that had always been successful was their sex life. They were so fucking good together.

They hadn't rushed into sex when they had first started dating. He had had a vast number of previous lovers from a rather adventurous high school career and she had been a shy virgin with Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

From the first day they met, Elizabeth had brought out a tenderness and protectiveness in him that before her he hadn't been capable of. He knew that he had to take his time with her. They hadn't even kissed until their third date. He had given her a ride home from her job as a grocery store cashier and she had impulsively leaned over and kissed him before running away in embarrassment. It had taken him two days to get her to pick up the phone again after that.

They had made love for the first time in the bed of his truck one warm June night. It would be a lie to say that he hadn't planned it because he had. He had parked his truck in an abandoned tobacco field, laid out some blankets, and held her in his arms as they laid there and looked at the stars while taking tokes off of a joint that he had bought off of his brother for the sole purpose of relaxing her...it had worked. She had started kissing on him and it wasn't long before he had her withering in pleasure beneath him. He remembered that she had been shy and clumsy at first but more than willing to learn...and his girl had been a fast learner.

After their first time, they hadn't been able to keep their hands off of each other. They went at it whenever and wherever they could. Their favorite place was the shower. It afforded them privacy from his roommates and her family when they stayed at her place and the running water covered up all of the delicious sounds that he drew out of her.

"Well, you know," She kissed him again. "Reid will stay asleep until morning, and the bathroom is right next door..." She trailed off but he got what she was hinting at.

"What are we waiting for?"

They slowly snuck out of bed to avoid waking Reid and tiptoed to the bathroom. Once the door was closed and locked, Elizabeth turned on the water.

The house was ancient and it took forever for the water to heat up. This gave Jensen more time to undress her and admire the woman that he loved more than anything in the world.

When she went to pull the shower curtain back, he stopped her and pulled her naked body into his arms.

He picked her up, forcing her to wrap her legs around his waist. Her moist heat rubbing against his throbbing length almost made him see stars.

"I need to tell you something before this goes any further," He rubbed his nose against hers.

"What?" She asked.

"I love you, Elizabeth," He kissed her softly.

"I love you, too, I always have," She leaned in to gently bite his neck.

She knew what that did to him and he couldn't wait anymore. Still holding her in his arms, he pulled back the curtain and stepped into the tub.

He pinned her to the shower wall as the hot water beat down on his back and devoured her mouth.

He wanted to take his time with her, love her properly but it had been so long that he didn't think he was going to last long.

She seemed to read his mind. "Slow and sweet later, hard and fast now,"

God, she was fucking perfect.

In one quick, hard thrust he was buried inside of her.

"Ow," She whimpered a little.

"You okay, hon?" He asked against her lips.

She nodded, "I just forgot how big you were. Baron wasn't even close to your size; I just need a minute to adjust."

Was it wrong that the alpha male inside of him roared with pride as she said that?

After a minute, she started rocking her hips against his.

"Please, more baby, it's been so long," She moaned.

He didn't need any more invitation. He started drilling into her at an almost brutal pace. He'd forgotten how tight and wet she could get for him. She fit him like a glove. It was like she was made for him.

It wasn't long before he had to kiss her to muffle her screams of ecstasy and he was spilling himself inside of her.

As he laid kisses on her neck and shoulder he briefly stopped to wonder if she was on any form of birth control but then he realized that he didn't fucking care. It wouldn't be a bad thing if she got pregnant. She was a natural born mother and he was no longer afraid of fatherhood like he had been in his youth. Truth be told he would love to see the woman he loved swollen with his child...he wondered how she would feel about that.

The next morning, he had awoken alone in the queen bed. It was a little after nine and Reid and Elizabeth must have already been awake for hours. He sat up in bed and listened to the noises coming from downstairs.

"Tempest, I swear to God, if you don't vacuum up this dog hair right now, I am talking Blu and having her shaved," He heard Elizabeth threaten. "Reid, no climbing on the counters! Auntie will get you your banana in just a minute."

It sounded like his girl could do with an extra set of hands but he had a phone call to make first.

He called his lawyer in South Carolina and explained the situation the kids were in. He was met with bad news. Because Elizabeth was unmarried with a documented history of depression and anxiety it was very likely that a judge would deny her custody of the kids. If Marshall and Dora were drug and alcohol tested it was also very likely that Tempest and Reid would be placed in foster care...or even worse with Elizabeth and Marshall's mentally abusive father.

He asked what Elizabeth's chances of getting custody would be if she was married...to him. His lawyer had explained that her chances went up considerably. He was going to have to talk to his girl.

Quickly throwing on a pair of jeans and a Van Halen t-shirt, he made his way downstairs.

He found Tempest using a shop vac to vacuum along the floorboards to get up the hair that her husky was shedding. Elizabeth was just exiting the kitchen with Reid on her hip. The little boy was inhaling a banana like it was the first time he had ever had seen one before.

"Morning," She smiled at him and blushed but she didn't look away.

She really was braver than she used to be.

"Morning," He leaned forward and kissed her cheek, ruffling Reid's hair at the same time. "What are you guys up to this morning?" He inquired.

"Well," She leaned forward so Tempest wouldn't hear her. "Dora's passed out hungover and Marshall's at work." She raised her voice to normal speaking levels. "And Reid's sissy and her friend Kylie are going to take him fishing on Pontoosuc Lake. He was just having a quick snack before they left."

Perfect, he would have some alone time with her.

"You wanna take a ride with me after the kids leave? I wanted to talk,"

He knew they could talk privately in the house but drives had always been their thing. It had always been easier for them to open up and talk in his truck as they drove around aimlessly, holding hands.

"Sure, as long as we don't go too far in case the kids need me," She nodded.

See, natural born mother.

An hour later found them driving through some small town in upstate New York that was only thirty-five minutes away from Lee. They hadn't said a single word to each other so he decided to get the conversation started.

"I called my lawyer this morning," He informed her and chanced a glance out of the corner of his eye to see her reaction...there really wasn't one.

"And?" She didn't even ask what about.

"He says if you filed for custody of the kids as a single woman, you wouldn't have much of a chance," He didn't mention her mental health issues. He knew she blamed herself for those issues and didn't want to give her any more shame to carry.

"And if I was...not a single woman?" She seemed to phrase the question as delicately as she could.

"You'd stand a good chance. Is your divorce final?" He questioned.

She still wasn't freaking out. This was good.

"I didn't get divorced," She shook her head and his heart sank. "The marriage was annulled four months ago on the grounds of fraud. I didn't know he was heroin addicted when I married Baron,"

Her marriage had been annulled? Legally, that made it as though it had never happened. He could marry her and, in the eyes of the law still be considered her first and ONLY husband. This made the possessive side of his personality very happy.

"Where are you going with this Jensen?" She demanded. "Before you go any further with whatever it is you're doing, let me warn you...me and those kids will NOT be anyone's obligation...all three of us deserve better than that."

He smirked. That comment right there proved that she knew exactly where he was going with the conversation...and wasn't completely against the idea. She just wanted to make sure that he was doing it for the right reasons. She wanted, and deserved, a family based on love...and that's what he wanted to give her.

He reached over and took her hand in his. "Baby, you're not an obligation, you're my life...I'll admit that when I came up here I didn't expect two kids to be part of the package but I'm okay with it. They both seem like great kids...I'm just sorry their parents are the way they are."

"Me too," Elizabeth gave a humorless laugh.

He pulled into the first parking lot he could find, which turned out to be the parking lot of the Lebanon Valley Speedway, and killed the engine.

He turned in his seat to look at her.

"Marry me," He said forcefully. "I'm not asking because that never worked. I'm telling you that you're going to marry me."

She opened and closed her mouth a few times without a sound coming out.

"And so you can't chicken out, we're driving to Atlantic City first thing in the morning." He continued. "We'll be married by tomorrow night,"

"Okay," She whispered.

Had it really been that easy? He wasn't going to question it. If he questioned it, she'd start questioning it and chicken out.

He was even more surprised when she leaned forward and kissed him.

"You know the track's closed right now right?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

Where had his shy little lamb gone? He didn't care...he liked the lioness that she had grown into.

He pulled her over to straddle his lap as he pushed the driver seat backward to give them some room to play.

It was as he bunched her jean skirt up over her waist and pushed the fabric of her panties aside and went to slid into her that she froze and stopped him.

"Condom," She gasped against his lips. "I'm not on anything,"

He smirked and gently bit her bottom lip. "You let me have you last night without a rubber," He reminded her.

"Fuck," Her eyes went wide. "Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

He laughed. He had missed her creative use of expletives when she was panicked.

He used the distraction of her panic to his advantage and caught both of her wrists in one hand to restrain her as he used his other to rip the fabric of her panties away. He pulled her down on him until he was buried in her to the hilt.

"You fucker!" She hissed angrily but still rocked her hips against his. "Are you fucking crazy?"

"No, I'm fucking you," He pulled the top of her tube top down to release her breasts and thrust his hips up sharply to illustrate his point.

She moaned. "I could get fucking pregnant," She smacked his shoulder.

"So, we're getting married tomorrow remember?" He raised an eyebrow at her.

"You did this on purpose!" She gasped. "You're trying to get me pregnant!"

He reached down and grabbed her hips to guide her movement. "Yep, you gotta a problem with that baby?" He thrust up sharply a few times.

She damn near screamed.

"No," She managed to gasp out.

"Then shut up and enjoy this," He ordered as he leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth.

She did as she was told.

She hadn't chickened out much to Jensen's amazement. The moment they had arrived back at the house she had pulled Tempest aside and asked her to look after her brother for a couple of nights.

They had been on the road at five the next morning. They were pronounced husband and wife at eight that night.

During the ceremony, Elizabeth had held eye contact with him the entire time, and when the vows she was asked to repeat included nothing about obeying she had added that phrase in herself. She had finally accepted their relationship for what it was.

He was the dominant partner and was the one who took care of her but they were one hundred percent equals. Even as his submissive other half she still took care of him in her own little ways and by allowing him to express his dominance she was accepting him for who he truly was. Society might not understand the dynamics of their relationship but it worked for them and that was all that mattered.

Two weeks later the two of them moved into their own three-bedroom apartment...and filed for custody of the kids based on their parents' substance abuse.

After a surprise drug and alcohol test by Child Protective Services, the kids were removed from their parents care and moved in with Jensen and Elizabeth.

A month later the couple was awarded custody of the kids with Marshall and Dora receiving only supervised visits until after they had each completed a stint in rehab. That was the same day that the courts gave them permission to move to South Carolina.

By the end of summer, the couple and the kids were settled in at Jensen's four-bedroom ranch in Rock Hill. Tempest was enrolled at Rock Hill High School and to help him socialize a bit more, Reid had been enrolled two days a week at a local daycare...he also had his own bedroom for the first time in his life. They were still working on getting him to actually stay there at night.

It was now Halloween night and Jensen stood on the porch waiting for his family...God, that still felt weird to say...but in a good way.

They were going out trick or treating and while he may love his wife, niece, and nephew...there was no way in hell that he was dressing up, so he waited for them to finish getting ready.

He was looking down at his watch when the screen door finally opened.

First to run out was little Reid, dressed as Olaf from Frozen. Next was Tempest...she was either Little Red Riding Hood or a witch...he wasn't really sure. Last out the door was his wife. The moment he saw her, he knew...she was trying to kill him.

She was dressed as Amy Pond from Doctor Who...Amy Pond wearing her kissogram uniform. This was going to be a very long night.

"So, why Amy Pond?" He asked her as they walked the neighborhood holding hands. Tempest and Reid were slightly ahead of them going door to door.

She shrugged. "I was in a Doctor Who mood this year...and she's the only companion to ever get pregnant,"

It took a moment for what she was saying to fully register but once it did, a blinding smile overtook his face.

"You're pregnant?"

"Yep," She made a popping sound with her P. "Two months, along,"

He grabbed her and kissed her right in the middle of the sidewalk while Tempest grabbed Reid's hand and walked to the next house pretending that she didn't know them.

"I love you so fucking much, Mrs. Jacks" He kissed her forehead.

"I love you, too," She giggled.




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