A New Beginning

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Random short or extremely short story that was created in a simple one day, so many errors as well as random Ideas that are spewed upon one idea. But its about a Caddy, who becomes something better than a caddy.

Submitted: August 21, 2016

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Submitted: August 21, 2016



A New Beginning.


(Jack wakes up from a phone call that interrupts his dream)

SFX: Phone ringing, Stopping, Sound distortion.

Jack: Mr. President?

Tom: No it’s me Jack, remember Tom? We met on the field at the country club, you were my caddy.

Jack: Oh, Ohhhh, Okay um, wait what time is it?

Tom: That doesn’t matter okay? The team liked whatever you brought to the field, energy or something I have no clue , but they want you! This is a good opportunity in your life to be better than a Caddy. Plus you get to join us on a boat.

Jack: Boat?

Tom: Yes a boat, all the top players are going for a cruise.

Jack: Fine… What time?

Tom: Now 

Jack: Now?!

Tom: Yes now.

Jack: Fine… now. 

SFX call hangs up 


Narrator: Reluctantly coming to this best of the best putters emporium, Jack dragged along and carried all of their luggage onto a seamlessly long boat. 

Jack : Did they just bring me here to do their caddy work…? 

Narrator: Bag after bag Jack took into the boat he began to grow more and more tired, as each bag got seamlessly heavier. 

Jack: Hey guys uh, can I get some help with the … the baggage. 

Jerry: That’s why we brought you, #1 Caddy.

Jack: #1 caddy? 

Jerry: Of course, you are the number 1 caddy in the world!

Narrator: this name fills jacks soul with the best content of all and gives him the strength of a thousand of men. until he passes out.

Brad: Is he dead?

Jerry: No dip stick, he just fainted. 

Tom: He’s dead! I brought him here I killed him!

Brad: You admitted it! You killed #1 Caddy!

Tom: I’m not the murderer here!

Brad: Well technically, you kinda are. You admitted to have brought him here. 

Tom: I brought him here to carry all the heavy stuff for you, yeah “#1 Caddy”. 

Jerry: Someone just help me get him into the bed. 


Narrator: As Jerry and Brad take “#1 Caddy to the store room where they held a bed as well as other different type of useless nicknacks that cluttered the room. 


Tom: I can’t believe that I almost killed a guy…

Brad: Put that on your resume I'm sure everyone would love to hear that as much as we would. 

Tom: Where are we by the way? I don’t see anything but Sea

Jerry:But I wanted to see the Dolphins…

Brad: Theirs something called sea world…

Tom: Sea What?

Jerry: Just focus, were heading through the Bermuda.

Tom: The Bermuda? 

Brad: Triangle…

Tom: I know… just wanted to make we were on the same page… But if you don’t know I don't mind an explanation. 

Narrator: Splash of waves entire the boat as Toms sentence is interrupted, the sounds begin to roll with thunder as the boat begins to tip over. Dropping almost everyone outside, one except Jack. 


Narrator: The furious waves hitting the boat shivers the spine of Jack as he is thrown from the bed to the floor, in pitch darkness, rolling as the knacks fall from the ceiling, to the floor breaking in place, as time begins to go slower. Time goes every millisecond feeling like a century. Thinking “ When will I be Free” Then nothing. The sun rose as the sun shines from the window to the inside hitting Jack in the face, Looking around picking himself back up and walking through the rubble of the others. Where are they he ponders as he opens the door letting in the sunshine into his eyes. 


Jack: Hello? is anyone out there?


Narrator: No answer as the seagulls begin to invade the boat landing on the railing and swarming around the now deserted boat. How long was I here, his thoughts rushed through his head leaving him with a migraine headache, as well as a bad taste in his mouth. He looks around in search of his “friends” or anyone. From high to the captains seat of the boat to the bottom of the boat. No search for them. What was left to do? What is left to do, Let myself die? Starve to death, leave a long term legacy, find a mermaid girlfriend, and raise sea lions . What , what is there to do. He opens the door to the storage of now rubble, and looks through it carefully, 


Jack: I better find a nutty bar or something, how long can I stay alive, I mean anything actually would be great but I really can go for that nutty bar…  Oh a box? Loot loot loot.


Narrator: Opening the box finding not a nutty bar of deliciousness but a fishing rod. Thinking oh a fishing rod, what can I do with this? 


Jack: a fishing rod is a kind of putter when you think about it. I can get my own food through this empty blue sea, find myself a mermaid, and lion kids. Ill make a life again. 


Narrator: Then from that day, he was no longer a caddy, he was a Fisherman. You know the rest of the story , good day. 


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